Nanette Founds

    Nanette has been a member of the NMNWSE for almost four decades, beginning around 1984.  Through the network, she has participated in many events encouraging young women to take advantage of the exciting opportunities available from pursuing educational opportunities in science, technology engineering, and mathematics.  The Network has also provided opportunities to reach out to other inspirational women who seek to improve young women’s knowledge about STEM, and career opportunities.  Growing up, she was encouraged to develop and apply her interests in mathematics and science.  

    Nanette has this to say: “A few decades ago, women were just beginning to explore higher opportunities in STEM education and career fields.  But, ultimately, I got my degrees in Chemistry and Aeronautical Engineering. As I applied the inherent knowledge gained through these accomplishments, I have been able to take advantage of career opportunities that have included technology management and leading organizations.” Her career has taken her from a member of the Armed Forces to public service as a Federal employee.  After four decades, this network still provides opportunities to serve the community, engage with inspirational women, and find a renewed sense of hope by applying critical thinking and knowledge to important issues that are challenging our community and nation.