Jeanne BanksTreasurer

    A dedicated member for over 30 years, Jeanne Banks is the current Treasurer for the NMNWSE. She previously served in the role of State President, Vice President, and State Expanding Your Horizon’s Coordinator, as well as chairing the Annual Meeting and Policies and Procedures Committees. Her extensive experience is invaluable to the NMNWSE board.  Jeanne has actively supported women’s education through her philanthropic endeavors in the P.E.O. Sisterhood and its projects.  This focus on education continues as she has dedicated her time and energies to the American Business Women’s Association for almost 40 years, serving as an officer at the local, regional and national levels.

    Jeanne has always believed that education opens the doors to greater things in people’s lives and for the world.  She was first inspired to follow a STEM path when she read a biography of Marie Curie in elementary school.  Being a member of NMNWSE has allowed her to encourage thousands of young women to pursue careers in science and technology. Jeanne retired from the aerospace and defense company, Northrop Grumman, after a 34+ year career as a program manager, system developer and test director. In addition to her organizational involvement, she now spends her time hiking with her husband, John, traveling, and spoiling her grandchildren.