Yolanda Jones King

    Dr. Yolanda Jones King earned her Ph.D. in 1981 in chemical laser kinetics and has served the Department of Defense for 32+ years in research, management of research, development programs, resource management and program planning. After retiring in 2014, she continues to do technical advising to the Department. Having served on numerous scientific boards, including the first New Mexico Space Commission and as well as holding the title as the first woman on the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, Yolanda is still active in her community. She is a Regent of the NM Institute of Mining and Technology.

    As a dedicated board member of the NMNWSE, she has worked in the encouragement of STEM and student outreach for 35 years, reaching thousands of young people across New Mexico and the USA. Yolanda has this to say: “NMNWSE has been amazing with the outreach across the State and establishing friendships with like-minded women”. She is married to the former New Mexico Attorney General (Dr.) Gary King.