Steffi Davison

    After obtaining her Ph.D. in Microbiology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa (2019), Dr. Steffi Davison moved to the US to work as a research associate at Los Alamos National Laboratory under the Biosciences Division. During her studies, she was exposed to the wonders of rewiring genes for bioenergy development and is now applying her skills to her new research focus of metabolic engineering and RNA research.

    While a new member to NMWSE, Steffi has been a long-time advocate for helping students and graduates develop leadership, service and professional development skills through her volunteer work with Golden Key International Honours Society. Steffi has this to say: “Through my collaborations with young students and scientists on various projects, I’ve come to realize the importance of mentoring women graduates. Helping them navigate their early careers in a man’s world has been one of my most fulfilling experiences. I look forward to serving NMNWSE and my new community.”