How you can advance women’s leadership:

  • Share the online application with women who are 4-8 years from the C-suite (or equivalent title in their field).
  • Share the brochure with contacts who may be interested in nominating a candidate.
  • Suggest a candidate by emailing Lynne Manrique, Vice President of Leadership and Educational Programs, at
  • Recruit and fund a Fellow as a local Forum, especially Fellows representing the nonprofit, educational, and civic sectors.

Why does this matter? Women continue to be underrepresented in the C-suite and highest levels of academia, law, finance, science, technology, media, and health. The IWF Leadership Fellows Program provides the world-class mentoring, customized curriculum, and global network access needed to accelerate women’s path to the top.

IWF members have inspired and empowered 700+ transformational leaders from 55 countries through the Leadership Fellows Program. Your help in identifying superior candidates from diverse geographic, cultural, and professional backgrounds is essential.

Thank you for supporting this extraordinary program!

Questions? Contact Lynne Manrique at

Application Deadline: June 1, 2023.

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