In 2021

For 27 years, our Branch of the American Association of University Women has successfully organized the day-long Expanding Your Horizons (“EYH”) event on the campus of WNMU in Silver City, serving hundreds of 5 th -8 th grade girls each year from our four-county area. The event provides hands-on activities and information to encourage girls to further their education in science, math and engineering and potentially pursue careers in related fields. This year, however, given that we cannot hold the event in-person, we are planning a remote experience. We intend to employ an “EYH-in-a-box” approach, with boxes picked-up and taken home by registered girls near the end of the school year, prior to summer break.

The boxes will include materials for seven different science and engineering activities, written instructions in Spanish and English, a flash drive with additional resources, and an EYH t-shirt. One type of box targets 5 th -6th grade girls, while the other focuses on 7 th -8 th graders, allowing for more age-specificity in selection of activities. Because charging the students any fee can be prohibitive for many in our area, we have managed to keep the EYH event free of charge in the past, and we will continue that for the EYH-in-a-box approach. Activities include relatively easy experiments with useful science lessons, like microwaving a bar of Ivory soap to experience how the volume of a gas expands with heat, as well as more involved activities, such as making
“bath fizzies” as a fun means of learning more about acid-base reactions or creating string from ingredients derived from algae.

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