In 2021

Build With Robots is looking for passionate team players to grow their leading-edge robotics company. You’ll join a world-class team of software and hardware developers inventing and deploying collaborative robots that help people do their jobs in a variety of industries and applications. 

Two of the newest positions available include:

Full-Stack Software Engineer

  • Work with internal and external customers to understand, prototype and deliver web-based dashboards to support robot and IoT management workflows. 
  • Create high-performance databases to store telemetry for dashboarding and data analytics. Integrate data collection and data presentation with robots and dashboards. 
  • Develop cloud-based microservices to route, process and analyze telemetry data. 

Robotics Technician

  • Automation & robotic system deployment, testing, troubleshooting & repair 
  • Deployment and field service of automation solutions at customer sites 
  • Technical support, training and documentation 
  • Caring and responsive towards customers and coworkers 

Be a part of this amazing team and discover your potential! If you or anyone else is interested in joining a leading-edge robotics company, please visit contact Sara Magaletta at