In 2019

We are inspired and impressed with the excellent science and engineering projects presented at the 2019 New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, held April 6th at New Mexico Tech in Socorro by enthusiastic young ladies! NMNWSE members look forward each year to talking with aspiring scientists and engineers while judging the projects for special awards. NMNWSE awarded 10 outstanding students with $50 gift cards plus a certificate and tote bag with career materials. NMNWSE Special Judges also handed out honorable mention awards to 8 students.

Senior Division Award Winners

  • Karin EbeyModeling the Effects of Invasive Species on Crocodilian Populations, Animal Sciences
  • Nicole PuderbaugGot Music?, Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Samantha JonesShine Bright Like Bleach, Chemistry
  • McKenna CollinsIncreasing Voltage and Ampere in the Aluminum-Ion Battery Through Cell Design, Energy and Transportation
  • Rose Osborne6 Shield: Carbon-based Natural Textile Enhancement for Fire Resistance, Strength and Breathability, Engineering
  • Miauaxoch HaskieClay Dyed Wool for Natural Sun Blocking Fabric, Physics and Astronomy

Senior Division Honorable Mention

  • Sydney AndersonComparing Antibiotic Properties in Native American Traditional Methods and Modern Antibiotics, Biology
  • Emma Foresi and Zoe HughesInvestigating the Disruption of Time of Flight Sensors, Physics and Astronomy

Junior Division Award Winners

  • Katie PetersenHow Easy is it to Read Simplified Spelling?, Behavioral and Social Science
  • Julie LopezDeath of an Orange, Energy and Transportation
  • Sonja EbeyNonidentical Triplets, Mathematical Sciences
  • Katie CrookerThe Hot Chocolate Effect: How Bubbles Affect the Acoustics of Water, Physics and Astronomy

Junior Division Honorable Mention

  • Angelina VozzaDoes Music Help or Hurt Your Academic Achievement?, Behavioral and Social Science
  • Francesca BenavidezCatching Fire: Most Effective Fire Retardant, Chemistry
  • Veronica ParraWhat is the Radius of the Earth’s Core?, Earth Science
  • Elena ValdezWhich Wood has the Highest Bending Strength?, Engineering
  • Shelbie MartinezWould You Rather? Well vs. Tap, Environmental Sciences

Congratulations to the NMNWSE Award winners!!

We wish to also congratulate all the students who participated in the State Science Fair, and their teachers and mentors! We hope these students continue to develop their potential as future leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) and allied professions!