In 2018

NMNWSE Awards at the Supercomputing Challenge 2018

At the Supercomputing Challenge Award Ceremony in Los Alamos, NMNWSE bestowed their annual Supercomputing Challenge award to the Melrose #34 team. The team was made up of two young women, Madison Garrett from Melrose High School and Evelyn Garrett from House High School, addressing the topic of ocean ecology with their project “Beyond the Shore”. Their coach this year was Alan Daughtery from Melrose High School. The students were awarded NMNWSE bags, $50 gift certificates and science tools.

Congratulations to the NMNWSE Award winners!!

We wish to also congratulate all the students who participated in the Supercomputing challenge, and their teachers and mentors! We hope these students continue to develop their potential as future leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) and allied professions!