In 2018

NMNWSE Awards at the 2018 State Science Fair

At the 2018 New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, held April 6th at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NMNWSE awarded 11 outstanding students with $50 gift cards plus a certificate and tote bag with career materials. NMNWSE Special Judges also handed out honorable mention awards to 10 students consisting of a certificate and tote bag with career materials.

Senior Division $50 Award Winners

  • Lillian Peterson, Los Alamos, Predicting Food Shortages in Africa from Satellite, Earth Science
  • Riley Clavel, Roy, Who’s the Boss of the Moss?, Environmental Science
  • Angelina Lopez and Breana Sotela, Rio Rancho, The Effects of Amino Acids on Stem Cell Growth, Microbiology
  • Isabela Cenicero, Placitas, Effects of Geometry and Voltage on Ion Engine Design, Physics
  • Makayla Gates, Peralta, Mimosa Pudica as Indicator for Comparative Adverse Effects of Topical Anesthetics, Plant Sciences

Senior Division, Honorable Mention

  • Kalieyah Boyd, Kirtland, Do Magnets Affect Regeneration in Earthworms?, Animal Sciences
  • Samantha Multari, Albuquerque, Can Seaweed Save the Coral? Part V, Animal Sciences
  • Lien Tang, Albuquerque, Optimization of Lipid-Coated Mesoporous Silica, Medicine and Health Science
  • Angelina Espindola, Sandia Park, Do Vitamins Enhance Herbs?, Microbiology

Junior Division $50 Award Winners

  • Gianna Nilvo, Los Lunas, The Digestion of Cat Food, Animal Science
  • Ksenia Sevostianov, Las Cruces, Play “Spot the Difference” to Fight Cancer, Chemistry
  • Dominique Vigil, Taos, The Impact of Acidic Foods on Eggshells, Medicine & Health Sciences
  • Cloe Godret-Miertschin, Albuquerque, On the Road to Harvesting Energy, Physics
  • Isabella Griego, Albuquerque, Can I Build a Motorized Tricycle that can Benefit Disabled Children, Energy and Transportation

Junior Division, Honorable Mention

  • Cassandra Sanchez, Taos, Fruit Fly Cafe, Animal Science
  • Giselle Sarracino, Grants, Another Way of Seeing, Engineering
  • Rose Osborne, Taos, Bio Power, Environmental Science
  • Lucia Santoro-Velez, Albuquerque, The Protective Role of Marshlands in a Storm, Environmental Science
  • Alexia Knittel, Carlsbad, Absorption: Dyeing Fabrics with Kool-Aid, Physics
  • Haiven Schoolcraft, Carlsbad, Hydroponics Water vs. Soil, Plant Sciences

Congratulations to the NMNWSE Award winners!!

We wish to also congratulate all the students who participated in the State Science Fair, and their teachers and mentors! We hope these students continue to develop their potential as future leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) and allied professions!