In 2017

NMNWSE Awards at the 2017 State Science Fair

At the 2017 New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, held April 1st at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NMNWSE handed out awards to 10 students consisting of $50 plus a certificate and tote bag with career materials, plus we handed out honorable mention awards to 5 students consisting of a certificate and tote bag with career materials.

Junior Division award winners

  • Isabela Ceniceros, Bernalillo Middle School, Perfect Produce: Canned, Frozen, Or Fresh
  • Hannah Kim, Carlsbad Intermediate School, Can Probability Defy Reality?
  • Angelina Espindola, Prince of Peace Lutheran, Do Minerals Enhance Herbs?

Junior Division, honorable mention

  • Halle Barney, Carlsbad Intermediate School, Magnets in Motion
  • Suzanne Eisenberg, Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, How Does Aperture Size Affect Photo Quality
  • Mckayla Gilbert, Hermosa Middle School, Metallic Corn
  • Kyla King, Heights Middle School, Waste to Watts

Senior Division award winners

  • Lea Godret-Miertschin, Sandia High School, Investigating Effects of Vegetable Oil Saturation in Extraction of Quinine from Cinchona Succirubra
  • Chali Simpson, Grants High School, Getting the Dirt on Diversity: The Genesis
  • Sophia Li, Los Alamos High School, Nuclear Thermal Rockets: Mars and Beyond
  • Andrea Chin-Lopez, Taos High School, Crabsorption: Absorption, Neutralization/Diffusion of Pharma via 1mm/1um Particulate Chitosan
  • Ashley Martinez, Taos High School, Sweet Celltopia: Diabetic Counteragents Impact on Cell Viability/Function
  • Amanda Livingston, Grants High School, Ion Propulsion
  • Geena Tsosie, Navajo Preparatory School, Aero-Car

Senior Division, honorable mention

  • Makayla Gates, Valencia High School, A Shroom with a View: Biofabricating Mycodomes for Disaster Relief

Congratulations to the NMNWSE Award winners!!

We wish to also congratulate all the students who participated in the State Science Fair, and their teachers and mentors! We hope these students continue to develop their potential as future leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) and allied professions!

Judges for the NMNWSE Awards were Diane Janni, Rebecca Galves, Yolanda King, Gary King, Clifton Murray, and Diane Oyen.