In 2016

The NMNWSE Special Award at the 2016 New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge Expo, held April 25-26, 2016 in Los Alamos, NM, went to:

  • Team 110, Saturday Science and Math Academy
    Team Members: Naomi Rankin and Matuke Fomukong
    Advisor: Janeen Anderson
    “Treating the Spread of Malaria”

Congratulations to the team members, and their advisor!
Team 110’s project models the use of genetically modified mosquitoes (GMM) to treat the spread of malaria and how effective it is compared to similar treatment without the GMM. Read their final report for details.


Each student on the team received $100 and an NMNWSE tote bag with career materials. The advisor received a tote bag with career materials. The judge for the NMNWSE Special Award was Eleanor Walther.