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NMNWSE Awards at the 2016 State Science Fair

At the 2016 New Mexico Science and Engineering Fair, held 1-2 April 2016 at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, NM, NMNWSE handed out awards to 11 students consisting of $50 plus a certificate and tote bag with career materials, plus we handed out honorable mention awards to 4 students consisting of a certificate and tote bag with career materials.

Junior Division award winners

  • Karin Ebey, Los Alamos Middle School, “How Old is Your Alligator: American Alligator Growth Rates”
  • Avalon Vanis, Jefferson Middle School, “The Effect of Greywater on Phaseolus vulgaris”
  • AnaMaria Perez, Albuquerque Academy, “Decomposing Fractions into the Sum of Distinct Unit Fractions and their Correlating Patterns”
  • Perla Carrillo Arias and Hannah Garcia (team), Aspen Community Magnet School, “Effect of Being a Smoker on the Sense of Smell”
  • Kyla King, Heights Middle School, “Inhibiting the Growth of Propionibacteria”

Junior Division, honorable mention

  • Renee Donaldson, Sacred Heart Catholic School, “Give Them A Boost”
  • Amelia Morgan, Barranca Mesa Elementary, “Creating Encryption Codes”
  • Teja Williams, Laguna Middle School, “The Flight of Paper Airplanes”

Senior Division award winners

  • Sara Manshad, Arrowhead Park Early College High School, “Digitizing Manipulatives for the Blind and Visually Impaired Phase 3”
  • Lea Godret-Miertschin, Sandia High School, “Investigating Rates of Condensation for Aluminum and Acrylic”
  • Karishma Patel, Grants High School, “Oil and Bacteria: Slip Sliding Away”
  • Victoria Crosby, Amy Biehl Charter High School, “What’s in Your Tree? A Morphilogical and Molecular Survey of the Paracites Found in Sorex hoyi”
  • Tristen Montenegro, Silver High School, “Deflate Gate Futbol”

Senior Division, honorable mention

  • Abby Magdaleno, Rio Rancho High School, “The Effect of Caffeine on Crickets”

Congratulations to the NMNWSE Award winners!!

We wish to also congratulate all the students who participated in the State Science Fair, and their teachers and mentors! We hope these students continue to develope their potential as future leaders in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine) and allied professions!

Judges for the NMNWSE Awards were Diane Albert, Claudia Baretto, Rebecca Galves, Tinka Gammel, Lina Germann, Morris Kaufmann, Gary King, Yolanda King, Clifton Murray, Diane Oyen, and Sarah Vance.