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Bradbury Science Museum & LANL CPO
Talk at 6:30pm, Wednesday, 6 June 2007
Bradbury Science Museum Auditorium
15th and Central, Los Alamos

From Inside the Atom to Beyond the Stars
Dr. Shannon Cowell, T-16, LANL

NGC 4258 from Chandra Photo Album
Shannon Cowell, of the laboratory's Nuclear Theory group, will guide us on a brief tour of the astronomical observations driven by one of the most elusive of particles: the neutrino.

These subatomic particles play a critical role in nuclear processes, including fueling the sun and stars. Neutrinos interact weakly with matter, being able to pass easily through the earth - or human bodies.

To investigate neutrinos and the electroweak interaction, scientists study the interactions between electrons and atomic nuclei. Cowell will discuss current research on these interactions, explaining how an understanding of processes at subatomic levels leads to a better understanding of the evolution of astrophysical environments.

The event is free and open to the public.

Poster for event

Biography - Dr. Shannon Cowell is a TSM in the Nuclear Theory group at LANL (T-16). She joined T-16 as a postdoctoral fellow after receiving her Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Illinois in 2004.

Note: the title and abstract have been revised - originally advertised as Electroweak Interactions, and a more technical abstract was released as LA-UR-07-0386.

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