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LAWIS to host Jan 22 talk on Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami

The December 2004 Sumatra earthquake was a momentous event, whether measured by scientific or human standards. Sadly, what is currently regarded as the 3rd largest earthquake in recorded history led to the worst tsunami disaster in recorded history, with the loss of over 200,000 lives and ocean-wide devastation.

In January, the Los Alamos Women in Science (LAWIS) Seminar Series will feature Prof. Susan Bilek of New Mexico Tech speaking on the sobering scientific lessons learned from this global-scale disaster, and how it relates to past and future earthquakes in the western United States. The talk will be at 12:00 noon on Monday, 22 Jan. 2007, in the main Lecture Hall in Building 2 on the UNM-LA Campus in Los Alamos. The talk is co-sponsored by UNM-LA, and a link to the map of the campus and the detailed talk announcement can be found by clicking on 'Events' at the LAWIS home page http://nmnwse.org/lawis/.

The talk is free and open to the general public. Prof. Susan Bilek recently gave a version of this talk at the Museum of Natural History in New York, where it was well received. Susan and LAWIS especially encourage students with an interest in earthquake science to attend.

Prof. Susan Bilek is a geophysicist in the Earth and Environmental Science Department of New Mexico Tech with an interest in earthquake processes, focusing on determining the important factors which influence the nature of the seismicity. Please contact Susan's LANL host and collaborator Dr. Charlotte Rowe, char@lanl.gov, if you would like to discuss research with Susan during her visit. Please contact Dr. J. Tinka Gammel, jtg@lanl.gov, 667-9149 if you have questions about this talk or would like to be emailed when future talks are scheduled - the LAWIS home page also has intructions for subscribing to the LAWIS listserver.

LAWIS is the northern chapter of the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering (NMNWSE). LAWIS hosts this seminar series as part of the NMNWSE mission to encourage the entry into and career development of women in science and engineering. NMNWSE hosts yearly career Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) conferences targeting middle and high school girls. This year's LAWIS EYH conference will be at UNM-LA on March 14. Information about all NMNWSE EYH conferences can be found at http://nmnwse.org/eyh/.