Los Alamos Women in Science
Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering

11:30 -1:00, Tuesday 18 July 2006
Canyon Complex, rm 167J

Career Paths for Women in the Sciences
and Science-Related Fields

Los Alamos Women in Science (http://nmnwse.org/lawis) and the LANL Science and Technology Base Education Programs Office (STBPO) have scheduled this panel discussion as a mentoring opportunity for students. Panelists will give a brief introduction of what they do and the path that led them to their present job and interests, and then the floor will be opened to questions from the students. Feel free to bring your lunch and enjoy it along with the discussions.

Questions that have come up in the past have touched on a wide variety of issues, including the two career problem, balancing work and children, working in a predominantly male environment, handling unwanted advances, and 'how do I get into that field?'.

More information will also be found in the article in 'Student News and Student Views', due out around June 29, which should be available online shortly off the LANL Student Association webpage, http://sa.lanl.gov, under documents.

If you would be interested in attending the panel, please contact Kristin Patterson, kpatterson@lanl.gov, 5-6346, to check space availability. Attendance is limited to 30, and students receive first priority.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer to be on the panel, please contact Kristin or Tinka Gammel, jtg@lanl.gov, 7-9149. We can use people who have had a fairly straightforward path to science as well as people who careers have taken more complex paths, and people at any stage of their career.

If you have a student job opening or other announcements or materials you'd like us to distribute to the students attending the panel, please let Kristin or Tinka know.

co-sponsored by the LANL Science and Technology Base Education Programs Office