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Talk at 12:00, Thursday, October 13, 2005
Bradbury Science Museum Auditorium
15th and Central, Los Alamos

Lorna Greening, Energy and the Environment, Los Alamos
Where Does the Hydrogen Come From: Potential Market Penetration in the US of Low- or No-Carbon, Energy Secure Sources

Hydrogen has been proposed as a solution to declining domestic resources of fossil fuels, and environmental problems such as climate change and air quality. However, as well explored by other analyses, technical and economic barriers exist to the wide-spread adoption of hydrogen as an energy carrier in the US. For those involved in developing policy in this area or developing an R&D program to address barriers to hydrogen penetration, the following questions need to be answered:

During this presentation, I will focus on these questions and other fundamental questions for the development of the 'hydrogen economy.' I will also examine the trade-offs between costs, environmental emissions, and security considerations for over forty (40) different hydrogen production/distribution/end-use pathways within the Expanded US MARKAL framework.

Biography -- Dr. Greening has over 25 years experience in the energy industry, including experience in consulting, research, academia, the public utility industry, and the petroleum industry. She is an energy and natural resource economist with expertise on domestic and international energy supply and demand, air and water quality, and regulation. Currently, her research is focusing on energy system modeling of US energy policy and the role of new technologies or alternative forms of energy in reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. Part of this work involves real option valuation of Federal energy R&D.

A more detailed abstract and biography, and the salient features of the Expanded US MARKAL framework being developed for this analysis, are available at http://nmnwse.org/lawis/lunchtalks/lt051013_model.doc.

Adobe pdf copy of the talk slides

Link to IAEE 1st Quarter 2005 newletter -- see article by L.A. Greening on p. 22, Hydrogen Strategies Under Uncertainty: Risk Averse Choices for 'Hydrogen' Pathway Development.

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sponsored by the Synergy Center, the Zocher Corporation, and the Bradbury Science Museum