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Talk at 12:00, Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Bradbury Science Museum Auditorium
15th and Central, Los Alamos

Anna Hayes, T-16, LANL
Nuclear Physics for Stockpile Stewardship
and Homeland Security

A large number of problems key to stockpile stewardship and homeland defense rely on knowledge of nuclear physics in regimes inaccessible to experiment. In nuclear explosions unstable nuclei and nuclear isomers are produced in copious quantities and are used to diagnose the explosion. Similarly, analysis of the unstable nuclei from the debris will be key to attribution in the event of a terrorist domestic nuclear attack. In the case of nuclear non-proliferation a number of new schemes are being considered by the IAEA to address the ever greater needs, including neutrino monitoring of the plutonium content of reactors. For all of these problems detailed nuclear physics is required. In this talk I discuss the nuclear physics needs for the type of problems of interest national security. LA-UR-04-4775.

Biography -- Anna Hayes is a staff member in the Theoretical Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She received her undergraduate education at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. In 1980 she moved to the U.S. for graduate school and received her Ph.D from Yale University in 1986. After graduating from Yale she held postdoctoral positions at University of Minnesota and at Los Alamos National Lab. In 1991 she became a staff member in theoretical physic at at Chalk River Labs in Canada, where her research interests focused mainly on nuclear structure and weak interaction in nuclei. In 1997 she returned to Los Alamos and jointed T-division as a staff member in nuclear theory. Since joining Los Alamos her research interests have broadened to include the application of nuclear physics to threat reduction and national security. She was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2002 and serves on the executive committee of the division of nuclear physics.

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