Los Alamos Women in Science
Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering
sponsored by
the   Synergy Center   and   the   Zocher Corporation
Talk at 12:00, Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Bldg 1, Los Alamos Research Park
Synergy Center Conference Room, 3rd flr
Karen Lewis Hirsch, N-2, LANL
Understanding your sponsors
by walking in their shoes for two years:
a sojourn in Washington

Los Alamos has been trying to increase the Laboratory strategic presence in DC using Change of Station arrangements or Interagency Personnel Actions. Increasingly, management job advertisements list Washington experience as either a required or a desired skill. I have just completed a two year Interagency Personnel Action/Change of Station (IPA). I spent those two years at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. In this talk I approach the more broad questions about an IPA: What is an IPA? What good is an IPA? Why should LANL be interested in creating/sustaining IPAs? And what to do after an IPA? This talk will be a broad discussion about the IPA process in general, and what is to be gained by the person on the IPA assignment, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the host agency. (LA-UR-04-7322)

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