Los Alamos Women in Science
Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering
sponsored by
the   Synergy Center   and   the   Zocher Corporation
Talk at 12:00, Thursday, June 24, 2004
Bldg 1, Los Alamos Research Park
Synergy Center Conference Room, 3rd flr

Elizabeth Hunke, T-3, LANL
Ice and Ocean Modeling Toward Understanding Global Climate

Elizabeth will speak about the role sea ice plays in understanding and predicting global climate, highlighted with photos taken on a 1998 research cruise to Antarctica to gather data about sea ice.

Elizabeth works with the Climate, Ocean and Sea Ice Modeling team at Los Alamos. They develop ocean and sea ice models that are used in international assessments of the global climate and for general climate process studies. Elizabeth concentrates her efforts on the sea ice model and ice-ocean simulations, studying the global ocean circulation.

  See also the June 7, 2004 LANL NewsLetter featuring Elizabeth's work!

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