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Wednesday, September 22, 1999

LAWIS lunchtime Talk and get-together
11:30 am - 1:30 pm, Otowi cafeteria side room C, LANL

Talk at 12:00:
Cheryl Rofer, CST-7, LANL
"Travels in Estonia"


The Republic of Estonia is located on the Baltic Sea, north of Latvia, West of Russia, and south of Finland across the Gulf of Finland. Its population is approximately 1.5 million, and the land area is 17,461 square miles (45,227 square kilometers), or about the same population as New Mexico in an area about one-third as large. Estonia was incorporated into the Soviet sphere of influence in 1939 and made a Soviet Socialist Republic. The Estonian government began moving toward independence in 1989 and became fully independent in 1991. Two Soviet installations have significant radiological contamination and need to be cleaned up. A training station for nuclear submariners was located at Paldiski, about 30 km west of the capital of Tallinn. At Sillamäe, about 150 km east of Tallinn, uranium was processed from ores. The plant at Sillamäe has been privatized, but a large uranium tailings pond remains on the Gulf of Finland, and the process sends large amounts of nitrate into the Gulf.

Situated on the northwestern edge of the Great Russian Plain, Estonia has beautiful farms and forests, and the cities boast medieval architecture from the days of the Hanseatic League. This presentation will show a variety of scenes from around Estonia, as well as the areas that we are working together to clean up.

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Sideroom C is reserved from 11:30 to 1:30 for people who like to eat earlier or later, and informal discussion. You are welcome to come for just the talk at noon, and questions are encouraged!

For driving directions to Otowi Cafeteria (TA-3, building 261) at LANL, see: http://www.lanl.gov/tools/maps
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Please join Los Alamos Women in Science for a catered picnic on Friday, September 10, from 11:30 to 1:00 at Urban Park in Los Alamos. We will furnish barbequed chicken and a vegetarian entre and soft drinks. If you wish, bring a salad or dessert.

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