Los Alamos Women in Science

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Tuesday, August 4, 1998

LAWIS lunchtime Talk and get-together
11:30 am - 1:30 pm, Otowi cafeteria side room C, LANL

Talk at 12:00:
Joyce Guzik, X-TA, LANL
Massive Exploding Stars: The Variability and Outbursts of
Luminous Blue Variable Stars


Luminous Blue Variables (LBVs) are extremely massive stars, from 30 to more than 100 times the mass of the sun. They exhibit different kinds of variability over timescales ranging from days to centuries. Some of these stars, such as the famous LBV Eta Carinae, have undergone giant eruptions, during which they have increased dramatically in brightness, and ejected several solar masses of material. Joyce will describe the properties and behavior of these stars, and discuss theoretical/computational research done at Los Alamos to explain the causes of the mysterious variability and outbursts. This is a general talk, and questions are encouraged.

Sideroom C is reserved from 11:30 to 1:30 for people who like to eat earlier or later, and informal discussion. You are welcome to come for just the talk at noon.

There will be a brief meeting of the LAWIS steering comittee following the talk. Raffle tickets for the NMNWSE raffle to support EYH activities will also be available (drawing at the State meeting in October).

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  • Wednesday, September 16: Lunch-Time Talk
    11:30-1:30 (talk at 12:00), Otowi cafeteria sideroom A, LANL
    Wendee Brunish, EES-DO, LANL
    "Use of Canines in Scent Detection and Search Work" (with live demo!)
    Abstract - Based on current research and my own experience as a search dog handler for over ten years, I will summarize how canines are used for scent detection work, and how canine physiology and instinctual drives, combined with rigorous training, make them well suited for this work. This talk will briefly examine canine olfactory physiology and how dogs detect human scent. It will also cover factors that affect scent, including terrain, moisture, and wind, and also how conditions affect the canines ability to find, follow, and distinguish scent. Then I will talk about the various uses of canines for scent work, and the requirements for an effective scent detection dog. I will also cover the basic components of training a dog for scent detection work, and talk a little about my own experiences with search and rescue canines. Finally, using my certified search dog, Miranda, I will demonstrate canine scent detection and discrimination, canine alerts, and search techniques.

  • October 23-25: NMNWSE Annual Meeting
    See the Call for Papers for the Technical Symposium
    The drawing for the raffle to support EYH activities will be held at this meeting

  • Date TBA: Lunch-Time Talk
    Panel Discussion on Careers led by Rebecca LaFave, UNM-LA


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