Los Alamos Women in Science

Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for
Women in Science and Engineering


Thursday, 6/11/98

LAWIS lunchtime Talk and get-together
11:30 am - 1:30 pm, Otowi cafeteria side room A, LANL

Talk at 12:00:
Jeanne Fair, EES-15, LANL
"The Ecological and Physiological Cost
of Contaminants on Cavity Nesting Birds"


Jeanne is one of the people responsible for the bird-houses with the "environmental monitoring station" signs you may have noticed on many of the local trails, and she will be speaking about what she has learned so far from this study. I am looking forward to learning about this important work, and hope to see you there!

The talk will be preceeded by a brief LAWIS board meeting at 11:30. This is an open meeting and you are welcome to come and give your input and ideas for future LAWIS activities. The "most important" topic will be deciding when to hold the LAWIS annual picnic!

Sideroom A is reserved from 11:30 to 1:30 for people who like to eat earlier or later, and informal discussion. You are welcome to come for just the talk at noon.


--> Nonmembers Welcome! <-- 



  • Wednesday, July 8: Lunch-Time Talk
    Speaker TBA

  • August: Lunch-Time Talk
    Joyce Guzik, X-TA, LANL
    "Massive Exploding Stars"

  • September: Lunch-Time Talk
    Wendee Brunish, EES-DO, LANL
    "Dogs and Scent Detection" (with live demo!)


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