========================================================================= LOS ALAMOS WOMEN IN SCIENCE Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering LUNCH-TIME TALK SERIES ========================================================================= DATE: Tuesday, 1/13/98 START: 11:30 am END: 1:30 pm WHAT: LAWIS Lunch-Time Talk and get-together Otowi cafeteria sideroom C, LANL TALK AT 12:00: "AmeriCorps - a Service Experience" by Laura Kraemer, PA-4, LANL ---- ABSTRACT ---- Kicking off the LAWIS Lunch-Time Talks for 1998 will be Laura Kraemer speaking on her experiences serving in AmeriCorps. Laura will give an overview of the program she was in, National Civilian Community Corps, as well as mentioning other programs under the AmeriCorps umbrella. I'm looking forward to another year of interesting and fun talks! --> Non-members Welcome! <-- Sideroom C is reserved from 11:30 to 1:30 for people who wish to eat earlier or later, and informal discussion. ------------ OTHER LAWIS ANNOUNCEMENTS ------------ 1) The kickoff planning meeting for the Expanding Your Horizons Workshop for 8-10 grade girls in Northern NM is scheduled for 11:30-1:00 tomorrow (Wednesday, January 7), in the E228 Conference Room in the Otowi bldg at LANL (beneath the cafeteria). Please attend the meeting or contact Joyce Guzik (joy@lanl.gov, 7-8927) or Alexine Salazar (alexine@lanl.gov, 7-1785) if you are interested in helping: everything from workshop presenters to fund raisers to "go-fers" are needed. This is a very rewarding experience! 2) Volunteers are needed February 6 and 7 to judge for the LAWIS awards for best projects by female students at the 1998 Los Alamos County Science Fair. Last year we awarded a total of about $50 to the three projects, plus 10 Honorable Mentions, focusing on elementary school students. This is an easy way to serve the community -- and it is fun to meet young people excited by learning about how things work! Contact Joyce Guzik (joy@lanl.gov, 7-8927) before Jan. 19 if you are interested in judging, or would like more information. 3) The second LAWIS lunch talk of 1998 is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 12, when Ann Pendergrass of ESH-3, LANL, has agreed to speak on her work. Any volunteers to speak in March?? -- Tinka Gammel LAWIS Newsletter Editor 667-9149, jtg@lanl.gov =========================================================================