Los Alamos Women in Science
Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for
Women in Science and Engineering

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Rm 226, Bldg 1, Los Alamos Research Park
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
(board meeting at 11:30, talk at 12:05)


  Non-board-members interested in the future of LAWIS or who have EEO concerns are encouraged to attend the board meeting.

TALK at 12:05
Amy Anderson, HSR-2, LANL
Leadership Coaching


Leadership coaching is a customized, confidential, one-on-one process designed to help leaders and managers develop effective responses to their most important workplace challenges. At this talk, I will cover more about what leadership coaching is; why leaders and managers use coaches; and how the coaching process works. I am also looking for volunteers, people in leadership or management roles who want to experience the benefits of coaching.

Biography:   Amy Anderson is a counselor and coach in the HSR-2 Employee Assistance Program. She has 20 years of experience in the field of mental health. In addition to her work as a counselor, Amy gives presentations on a number of health promotion topics including stress management, life balance, and biofeedback. She is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of New Mexico. Amy is currently completing a certification program in leadership coaching.

Members and Nonmembers Welcome!

Bring your lunch or pick up something at the Hot Rocks Java Cafe next door. You are welcome to come for just the talk at noon, and questions are encouraged!

LunchTalk Location

NW-SC Memorial Conference Room, Room 226, Bldg 1, Los Alamos Research Park, 4200 West Jemez Road (click here for map with Bldg 1 at the Research Park highlighted). Room 226 is on the second floor near the Hot Rocks Java Cafe   (I did not try phoning in an order, but I found the quality and time needed to get your food compared favorably to the LANL cafeteria). From the elevator: get off elevator at 2nd floor, turn right and enter room 200, then go right (following the "LANL computer classrooms" sign) and bear right again at the front desk (towards the sign "Encantado Classroom"), then left and down the hall to the NW-SC memorial conf rm (rm 226) at the end of the hall. This is LANL space so wear your badge, and sign in (and out) on the book just outside rm 226. If you don't have a badge and would like to come, please contact me (jtg@lanl.gov, 7-9149) ASAP.

You need a parking pass to park at the Research Park!
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