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Warning: under re-construction - links to pages not living at nmnwse.org may be broken and/or some of the linked abstracts may have problems with links or images in the abstract being broken or incorrect. Information in the abstract may also be outdated.

  • 04/07/13: Cynthia Olson Reichhardt, T-12, LANL
    Computer simulations of glassy disordered media
    (link to abstract)
  • 04/06/16: Panel Discussion: Career Paths for Women in the Sciences and Science-Related Fields
    (link to announcement)
  • 04/06/03: Katrin Heitmann, ISR-1, LANL
    The Cosmological Revolution
    (link to abstract)
  • 04/03/25: Katherine Wells and Beth Sanchez, Vecinos del Rio
    Mesa Prieta Rock Art Recording Project
    (link to abstract - - originally scheduled for 04/02/12)
  • 04/02/25: Lorna A. Greening, Economist and Erich A. Schneider, D-3, LANL
    The U.S. Spent Nuclear Fuel Legacy and the Sustainability of Nuclear Power
    (link to abstract)
  • 04/01/14: Wendee Brunish, EES-11, LANL
    Underground Nuclear Test Readiness: Geologic and Stemming Issues
    (link to abstract)
  • 03/12/03:
    (link to abstract)
  • 03/11/04: Hanna E. Makaruk
    Lead, Transuranic Materials, and Prohibited Objects Recognition by Real Time Radiography
    (link to abstract)
  • 03/10/09: Laura Marsh, RRES-ECO, LANL
    What is Global Climate Change?
    (link to abstract)
  • 03/09/10: Theresa G. Connaughton, IM-5, LANL and Los Alamos UPTE president
    How UPTE makes a difference for scientists at LANL
    (link to abstract)
  • 03/08/26: Vera Vigil, ALDTR/NISDO, LANL
    Trouble Shooting Computer Audio Problems
    (link to abstract)
  • 03/08/16: Activity Leader: Laura Patterson, Volunteer Task Force
    LAWIS Party and Tree Planting
    (link to abstract)
  • Thursday, July 24, 2003: Debra Wrobleski, MST-7, LANL and Mary Campbell, DX-2, LANL
    Let's make Ooey, Gooey Polymers - an EYH Workshop Overview
    (link to abstract)
  • Tuesday, July 1, 2003: Tinka Gammel, T-1, LANL
    AAUW Career's and Curiousity demo: Science of Toys
    (More details on Careers and Curiousity)
  • Wednesday, June 11, 2003: Jan Frigo, NIS-3, LANL
    Overview of Robotics EYH Workshop with a Mindstorm Robot System Demo
    (link to abstract)
  • Tuesday May 20, 2003: Amy Anderson, HSR-2, LANL
    Leadership Coaching
    (link to abstract and same day board meeting agenda)
  • August, 2002: Kathy Prestridge, DX-3, LANL
    Spills & Ripples: Fun properties of Fluids
    (link to abstract)
  • September, 2001: Teralene Foxx ESH-20, LANL (retired)
    The Ecological Effects of the Cerro Grande Fire
    (link to abstract)

  • October, 2001: Cindy Christiansen P-24, LANL
    Title to be announced
    (link to abstract)

  • August 14, 2001: Tom Locke, EAP, HR-2, LANL
    Sexual Harassment
    (link to abstract)

  • March 13, 2001: Earle Marie Hanson, ESA Division
    Title TBA: On Balancing Work and Home
    (link to abstract)

    Tuesday February 13, 2001: Carol Ann Martz, HR-6-TD, LANL
    Resources for Career Development
    (link to abstract)

  • Tuesday February 13, 2001: Dolores Jacobs, HR-6-TD
    Resources for Career Development
    (link to abstract)

  • Thursday, January 18, 2001: Joanne R. Wendelberger, TSA-1, LANL
    Assessment of Year-Round-School and Other Educational Issues
    (link to abstract)
  • 12/15/00, The Annual Holiday Party
    (link to abstract)
  • 11/21/00, Noline Clark, C-18, LANL
    "Novel Technologies for Reducing Nitrogen Oxide Emissions in Automotive Engine Exhaust"
    (link to abstract)
  • 10/20/00, Jean Dewart, ESH-17, LANL
    "Air Monitoring Results from the Cerro Grande Fire"
    (link to abstract)
  • 09/12/00, Cynthia Rice, MST-11, LANL
    "Fuel Cell Grade Platinum Nanoparticles: a Electrochemical and NMR Investigation"
    (link to abstract)
  • 08/09/00, Ana Schwendt, MST-7, LANL
    "Zeolite-based electrorheological fluids: Testing, modeling, and instrumental artifacts"
    (link to abstract)

    07/12/00, Rose Scott, Regional Stakeholder Liason, Communications Department, Intergovermental Program, Westing House Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
    "WASTE ISOLATION PILOT PLANT: Environmentally Safe Nuclear Waste Disposal"
    (link to abstract)
  • 06/28/00, Lisa Gutierrez, Director of Diversity Office, LANL
    "TEAMING FOR SUCCESS: The power of diversity"
    (link to abstract)
  • 06/13/00, Alyssa Olson, EES-5, LANL
    "Modeling Flow and Radionuclide Transport at the Western Pahute Mesa Area of the Nevada Test Site"
    (link to abstract)
  • 04/12/00, Irene J. Beyerlein, MST-8, LANL
    "Micromechanical stress redistribution models and their implications on statistical failure of composites"
    (link to abstract)
  • 04/11/00, Careers and Curiousity at Espanola Middle School
    (link to wrap-up report)       (link to main Careers and Curiousity page)
  • 03/14/00, Claudia J. Lewis, EES-1, LANL
    "Using Quaternary dating methods, stratigraphy and patterns of stream incision to constrain models of post-orogenic rock uplift: Preliminary results from the Ebro basin, Spain"
    (link to abstract)

  • 03/6/00 Expanding Your Horizons 2000>
    (link to curent years EYH pages)
  • 02/17/00, Barbara Henderson, ESH-6, LANL
    "The Criticality Safety Information Resource Center at Los Alamos National Laboratory"
    (link to abstract)
  • 02/5/00, LAWIS awards at the Los Alamos Public Schools Science Fair
  • 01/27/00, Tessa Dowell, TSA-4, LANL
    "ReefNews presents - Bimini: Jewel of the Gulf Stream"
    (link to abstract)
  • 12/14/99, LAWIS Holiday party and Annual Meeting
    (link to announcement)
  • 12/9/99, Robi Mulford, NMT-15, LANL
    "A Survey of Plutonium Characteristics as a Function of Age: The ARIES Sampling Program"
    (link to abstract)
  • 12/2/99, Iris Brackett and Bill Swiderek, Prudential Securities
    "The Y2K Crisis: Is Your Investment Portfolio Ready?"
    (link to abstract)
  • 11/16/99, Katherine Prestridge, DX-3, LANL
    "Fluid Instabilities: Ongoing research and a practical demonstration"
    (link to abstract)
  • 10/21/99, Nancy L Scheer, NMT-15, LANL
    "NDA Robot and Host Computer for the ARIES Weapons Dismantlement System"
    (link to abstract)
  • 10/15-17/99, NMNWSE Annual Meeting, Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs
    (link to NMNWSE annual meeting pages)
  • 9/22/99, Cheryl Rofer, CST-7, LANL
    "Travels in Estonia"
    (link to abstract)
  • 8/5/99, Angelique Neuman, NMT-9, LANL
    "The Effects of Thermal Treatment on UO2 properties"
    (link to abstract)
  • 7/27/99, LAWIS/WDWG Career Panel Discussion on "Career Options: A Student Focus", facilitated by Nina Epperson, WDWG.
    The panel discussion was followed by a student poster session hosted by the LANL Student Programs Office and Student Association.
    (link to full announcement)
  • 6/17/99, Harriet Kung, MST-8, LANL
    "Nanostructured Materials: The Good, The Bad, and The Mysterious"
    (link to abstract)
  • 5/5/99, Morrison Bennett, LC-BPL, LANL
    "Patentable Inventions"
    (link to abstract)
  • 4/22/99, Carol J. Burns, CST-18, LANL
    "Nonaqueous Actinide Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry"
    (link to abstract)
  • 3/31/99, Dorothy Hoard, Retired
    "The Old Fashioned Way"
    (link to abstract)
  • 3/99, LAWIS Awards at the 1999 Los Alamos County Science Fair

  • 3/24/99, Expanding Your Horizons 1999
  • (link to EYH pages)
  • 2/23/99, Deniece Korzekwa, MST-6, LANL
    "Metal Casting: Experiments and Simulations"
    (link to abstract)
  • 1/27/99, Christine Zawodzinski, MST-11, LANL
    "Research and Development of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells for Commercial Applications"
    (link to abstract)
  • 12/16/98, LAWIS Annual Meeting and Holiday PotLuck
  • 12/10/98, Tinka Gammel, T-1, LANL
    "Grains and Grids"
    (link to abstract)
  • 11/17/98, Julie Johnston, ESH-20, LANL
    "Deviating from the Standard Mean: A Women Scientist"
    (link to abstract)
  • 10/27/98, Cheryl Wampler, CIC-7, LANL
    "From Music to Management"
    (link to abstract)
  • 10/23-25/98, NMNWSE Annual Meeting
  • 9/16/98, Wendee Brunish, EES-DO, LANL
    "Use of Canines in Scent Detection and Search Work" (with live demo!)
    (link to abstract)
  • 8/4/98, Joyce Guzik, X-TA, LANL
    "Massive Exploding Stars: The Variability and Outbursts of Luminous Blue Variable Stars"
    (link to abstract)
  • 7/27,28/98 (non-LAWIS event with several LAWIS participants),
    Rebecca LaFave, Career Resource Center at UNM-LA
    Panel Discussion on Occupations in the Sciences
  • 7/10/98, LAWIS 1998 Summer Picnic
  • 7/8/98, Betty Harris, NMT-1 CMR, LANL
    "Sensitivity of Once Shocked, Weathered, High Explosives"
    (link to abstract)
  • 6/11/98, Jeanne Fair, EES-15, LANL
    "The Ecological and Physiological Cost of Contaminants on Cavity Nesting Birds"
    (link to abstract)
  • 5/14/98, Wendee Brunish, EES-DO, LANL
    "Report on the 25th Anniversary Conference on Women in Science and Engineering: Choices and Successes"
    (link to abstract)
  • 4/16/98, Carol Hogsett, GRA Representative at LANL
    Jemez Geology Field Trip
  • 4/7/98, Jan Frigo, NIS-1/CON, LANL
    "Biologically motivationed autonomous vehicle control"
    (link to abstract)
  • 4/3-4/98, Field Trip to WIPP, Carlsbad Caverns, and Trinity Site
  • 3/25/98, Expanding Your Horizons 1998
  • 3/12/98, Teralene Foxx, ESH-20, LANL
    "Birds, Bats, and Bees: An Ecologist's view of why they are important to the Laboratory"
    (link to abstract)
  • 2/12/98, Ann Pendergrass, ESH-3, LANL
    "Safety Analysis"
    (link to abstract)
  • 1/13/98, Laura Kraemer, PA-4, LANL
    "AmeriCorps - a Service Experience"
    (link to abstract)

The LAWIS Seminar Series is co-sponsored by the Synergy CenterUNM-LALANL CPO,  and the  Bradbury Science Museum.  Volunteers to speak are welcome - contact the LAWIS Seminar Series organizers Wendee Brunish, 667-5724, wb@lanl.gov. If you would like to receive electronic LAWIS announcements, please send email to wb@lanl.gov asking to be added to the listserver  or see  http://nmnwse.org/lawis/list.html.