LANL Volunteer Cheat Sheet

The Community Program Office considers ALL work in support of EYH in the same category as STEM. That is, it doesn't matter if you are personally giving a STEM-related talk or working the registration desk, You Get Community Service credit. The policy is P730-5, Miscellaneous Excused Absences.

[Browse description at: Science Education Community Service Time | CPO Education Programs | Community Programs Office (CPO) | Los Alamos National Laboratory

Get a login page for Footprints.

Enter your Z number, and you will be taken to The Online Form to request Community Service Time.

Event Title: Expanding Your Horizons

Description of event: EYH is a one-day conference targeting girls in 5th-9th grades. The Conference goals are: To increase young women's interest in and awareness of mathematics and science; To provide students an opportunity to interact with women with successful careers in STEM-related fields. The Conference includes hands-on workshops, team activities, and speakers.

Community Organizatino Requesting Services: NMNWSE / LAWIS

Community Service Type: If you are a presenter, select "Presentation".  For all other roles (conference planning, conference-day support, team workshop assistant, registration, fundraising, evaluations, ...), select "Mentoring".

Number of hours: Pick a number, but bear in mind you are limited to 32 for the whole year. Some of us only count meetings and the actual event, not email or phone conversation overhead.

Grade Level: multi-click: "Elementary School" and "Middle School"

Counties to be served: multi-click: Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Taos, and Other (New Mexico)

Start Date: Recommendation is the current date, just to give yourself the flexibility in case you find yourself devoting a big enough chunk of pre-conference-day time to be worth reporting. Your mileage may vary.

End Date: The Northern New Mexico EYH conference will be held on Thursday, March 6, 2015.  For many volunteers, this will be the end date.  Consider entering December 31, 2015 if you would like to help compile student and teacher evaluations after the conference or help plan next year's conference. 

Fill in your manager's name and email.

Have you read and do you understand P730-5? Clicking on "P730-5" will theoretically bring up the policy; some days this is more functional than others. The important sections are on Science Education Outreach, but don't get too hung up if the details don't sound like what you think you'll be doing. Remember, CPO endorses all EYH support. Then select "Yes"

Once you click "SAVE" an email from CPO should be generated to your manager (you get an email, too). They approve by replying to the email. CPO then re-reviews, and will eventually reply to *you* and tell you which code to enter in Time and Effort.


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EYH is run entirely by volunteers! Please see the volunteer page to see how you can help.