Teacher / Sponsor Registration Form

December 22, 2017
(or sooner if maximum participation is reached)

Walk-ins will be accepted on a space 
availability basis. Please see the EYH website for online
registration and other information: EYH Home

Adult Sponsors: All students attending EYH18 must have an adult sponsor.
Who is an adult sponsor? (a teacher, a counselor, a parent or guardian).
What is the purpose of the adult sponsor? The adult sponsor is someone to contact should a question arise as to the eligibility of the
student to attend EYH18, or to recommend the student if the organizers are forced to choose between applicants due to space limitations.
The sponsors do not have to accompany their students to EYH18. However, if the adult sponsor is a Teacher and so chooses, he/she
can register for the same day Teacher Workshop using this form.

Teacher Counselor Parent or Guardian Principal



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