Interest Survey

LAWIS Seminar Series

The LAWIS Seminar Series organizers would like your input to improve the talk series. Please fill in the survey below to let us know your preferences. This survey is anonymous (unless you choose to enter your name in one of the comment fields, of course).

Note for the purposes of this survey (and the name 'LAWIS'), 'science' should be interpreted to mean all disciplines of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and related fields - including not just the physical sciences but also social science, medicine, architecture, etc. - and at all levels from hobby to PhD research.

The only required input is checking a box to indicate how often you currently attend LAWIS Seminars. Everything else has a 'no response' (NR) default, so feel free to skip things - especially the many comment boxes, as those are just there in case you want to clarify an answer or add more details.


*1)  Have often do you attend LAWIS Seminars currently?

never       rarely       sometimes       frequently       almost always
Comments on attendance:

2)  How often would you like to see LAWIS hold talks and other events?

2x/month       1x/month       4-6x/year       1-3x/year      
Comments on frequency:

3)  What days and times work best for you?

1st choice:   Week       Day       Time
2nd choice:   Week       Day       Time
3rd choice:   Week       Day       Time
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4)  What length talk do you prefer?

30 min or less       about 45 min       60 min or more      
Comments on length:

5)  What locations work for you? (check all that apply)

Synergy Center       UNM-LA       Bradbury       Other, specify:
Comments on locations:

6)  What kinds of events/talks are of interest to you?
(interest level scale: 3=high interest, 0=neutral, -3=always avoid talks on this topic)

Science - interest level:
      Preferred Talk Level: 1st  2nd
      Short Comment:
Career Development - interest level:
      Preferred Focus: 1st  2nd
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Outreach - interest level:
      Preferred Focus: 1st  2nd
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Women's Issues - interest level:
      Preferred Focus: 1st  2nd
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Networking - interest level:
      Preferred Focus
      Short Comment:
Other - interest level:       Specify Area:
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Detailed comments on topics and events of interest:

7)  Other Comments

Please enter any other comments or information info you would like us to consider when scheduling LAWIS talks and events:
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