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LunchTalks may be held in one of three locations: the Synergy Center, UNM-LA, or the Bradbury Science Museum. See announcement for location of current talk.

click here for detailed directions to the Synergy Center, and information on obtaining a parking permit
Talks in the Synergy Center conference room are sponsored by the Synergy Center, an "economic development incubator" with the goal of promoting development of R&D and technology business activities. Contact the Synergy Center receptionist at 663-5001 for more information on the Synergy Center.

click here for a map of the UNM-LA Campus
Talks at UNM-LA are sponsored by the University of New Mexico Los Alamos, as part of it's career development and community outreach mission.

click here for detailed directions to the Bradbury Science Museum
Talks in the Bradbury Science Museum auditorium are sponsored by the Bradbury Science Museum, which interprets Los Alamos National Laboratory research, activities, and history to visitors.

click here for the LANL Community Programs Office Community Calendar
Technical talks are sponsored by the LANL Community Programs Office, as part of its educational outreach mission.

The LAWIS Seminar Series is co-sponsored by the Synergy CenterUNM-LALANL CPO,  and the  Bradbury Science Museum.  Volunteers to speak are welcome - contact the LAWIS Seminar Series organizers Wendee Brunish, 667-5724, wb@lanl.gov. If you would like to receive electronic LAWIS announcements, please send email to wb@lanl.gov asking to be added to the listserver  or see  http://nmnwse.org/lawis/list.html.