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  • 7/18/07:
    Panel Discussion on Career Paths for Women in the Sciences and Science-Related Fields
  • 7/17/07:
    Mid-IR Type-II InAs/GSb Nanoscale Superlattice Sensors , Elena Plis, UNM
  • 6/21/07:
    Large Magnets and New Science at the National High Magnetic Field Lab , Dr. Vivien Zapf, MPA-NHMFL, LANL
  • 6/16/07:
    NMNWSE Lunch in Santa Fe,
  • 6/6/07:
    From Inside the Atom to Beyond the Stars, Dr. Shannon Cowell, T-16, LANL
  • 5/1/07:
    Waveguide-based Optical Biosensor for the Detection of Disease Markers, Harshini Mukundan, C-PCS, LANL
  • 4/10/07:
    The Integrated Knowledge Engine for Threat Monitoring, Deborah Leishman, D-6, LANL
  • 3/14/07:
    2007 LAWIS Expanding Your Horizons Conference
  • 2/6/07:
    Correlations in Electroweak Interactions, Shannon Cowell, T-16, LANL
  • 1/22/07:
    Large Earthquakes and Tsunami: The Global Reach of 2004 Sumatra, Prof. Susan Bilek, Earth and Environmental Science Dept, New Mexico Tech
  • 11/27/06:
    Investigating Past Earthquakes on the La Laja Fault System, San Juan Province, Western Argentina, Emily Schultz, EES-9, LANL
  • 11/6/06:
    Phase Change Material in Floor Tiles for Thermal Energy Storage, Amy Lee, Mechanical Engineer
  • 8/15/06:
    The LANL Class Action Lawsuit Settlement - Your Choices, Patrick D. Allen, Yenson Lynn Allen & Wosick P.C.,   and   John Bienvenu and Richard Hughes, Rothstein Law Firm
  • 8/8/06:
    Focus on Retirement, Marlene Vrba and Caroline Jansson, Morgan Stanley
  • 7/26/06:
    Entry Rates of Bacteriophage T7 DNA into E. Coli Cells , Irina Cislaru
  • 7/18/06:
    Career Paths for Women in the Sciences and Science-Related Fields , Panel Discussion
  • 6/24/06:
    NMNWSE Barbeque and Networking, see the article in the May/June NMNWSE newsletter
  • 6/14/06:
    Leveraging Diversity for Competitive Advantage, Claudia Lewis, EES-9 and EES Committee on Diversity for Competitive Advantage, LANL
  • 3/15/06:
    2006 LAWIS Expanding Your Horizons Conference
  • 12/7/05:
    Dilational Normal Faulting on the Pajarito Plateau, Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico , Claudia Lewis, EES-9, LANL
  • 11/15/05:
    Solar Element Abundances and Helioseismology , Joyce Guzik, X-2, LANL
  • 10/29/05:
    NMNWSE Annual Meeting and Technical Sessions , Albuquerque, NM
  • 10/13/05:
    Where Does the Hydrogen Come From? - Potential US Market Penetration of Low- or No- Carbon, Energy Secure Sources, Lorna Greening, Energy and the Environment, Los Alamos
  • 9/21/05:
    Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Update, Kathy Sisneros, Santa Fe WIPP Office
  • 9/13/05:
    Addressing Critical Risks for Human Space Flight to the Moon and Mars, Elizabeth Cantwell, ISR-DO, LANL
  • 8/24/05:
    Tour of the LANL CAVE Immersive Visualization Facility, Katharine Naret Chartrand, CCN-8, LANL
  • 8/18/05:
    Below Zero: Learning from Small Earthquakes, Peggy Hellweg, University of California, Berkeley
  • 7/19/05:
    Panel Discussion: Career Paths for Women in the Sciences and Science-Related Fields
    Organized by LAWIS and the LANL Student Programs Office
  • 7/12/05:
    Radiation Damage and Aging in Plutonium Metal, Roberta N. Mulford, NMT-15, LANL
  • 6/9/05:
    What's Bugging the Forest?, Stephani Sandoval, Forest Health Specialist, NMSU Coop. Ext. Services
    (originally scheduled for 3/15/05; rescheduled to 6/9/05 due to 3/15/05 snowstorm)
  • 5/17/05:
    Reducing the Global Nuclear Threat -- The Los Alamos Nonproliferation Mission , Sara C. Scott, N-DO, LANL
  • 4/26/05:
    Nuclear Science for National Security, Anna Hayes-Sterbenz, T-6, LANL
  • 3/31/05:
    2005 LAWIS Expanding Your Horizons Conference
  • 3/24/05:
    Marine Biogeochemistry and Carbon Sequestration Studies using Los Alamos Ocean Models, Shaoping Chu, EES-2, LANL
  • 2/9/05:
    From Montserrat to Mount St. Helens: Seismic insights into ongoing volcanic eruption behavior, Charlotte A. Rowe, EES-11, LANL
  • 1/19/05:
    Search and Detection Dogs, Wendee Brunish, EES-11, LANL and Halley, Search Dog
  • 11/18/04:
    Method for Complete White-Box Software Test, Hanna Makaruk, P-22, LANL
  • 10/26/04:
    Understanding your sponsors by walking in their shoes for two years: a sojourn in Washington, Karen Lewis Hirsch, N-2, LANL
  • 9/28/04:
    Reducing Neck and Low Back Tightness, Cindy M. Lawton, HSR-2, LANL, and Stress Management Strategies, Amy E. Anderson, HSR-2, LANL
  • 6/24/04:
    Ice and Ocean Modeling Toward Understanding Global Climate, Elizabeth Hunke, T-3, LANL
  • (link to talks prior to mid 2004)

The LAWIS Seminar Series is co-sponsored by the Synergy CenterUNM-LALANL CPO,  and the  Bradbury Science Museum.  Volunteers to speak are welcome - contact the LAWIS Seminar Series organizers Wendee Brunish, 667-5724, wb@lanl.gov. If you would like to receive electronic LAWIS announcements, please send email to wb@lanl.gov asking to be added to the listserver  or see  http://nmnwse.org/lawis/list.html.