Los Alamos Women in Science

Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for
Women in Science and Engineering

1999 Los Alamos County
Science Fair Awards

LAWIS is proud to recognize the following participants in the 1999 Los Alamos County Science Fair, held on February 6, 1999, for their accomplishments in the study of science:

Top awards:
(gift certificate, "Trust Me, I'm a Scientist" bumper sticker, LAWIS certificate)

Additional Awards:
($5 gift certificate, "Trust Me, I'm a Scientist" bumper sticker, LAWIS certificate)

School Project Awards:
(American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) poster of Uranus or Neptune)

* = award winner in 1997 or 1998! (** if both!!)
(If any LAWIS award winner did not receive their award, or their certificates were misspelled, please contact Tinka Gammel, 667-9149.)
LAWIS would also like to thank Otowi Station for donating two of the $5 gift certificates, and the AAPT for the posters.

Judging this event for our LAWIS awards was extremely difficult as there were many more excellent projects than we had awards. But the opportunity view the exhibits and to talk to so many young women interested in science more than made up for having to face the dilema of choosing between them! We hope all participants had fun, and will continue to develop their potential as future scientists!

The Judges for LAWIS:
Catherine French-Sidoti
Yi Jiang
Katherine Campbell
Tinka Gammel
Kathy Prestridge
Kim Thomas
Jennifer Macy
Janie Enter

LAWIS Science Fair Page: http://nmnwse.org/lawis/ScienceFair
LAWIS home page: http://nmnwse.org