Los Alamos Women in Science

Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for
Women in Science and Engineering

Science Fair Awards 2003

LAWIS is proud to sponsor awards at local area Science Fairs. The purpose of the awards is

"to promote gender equity and to encourage female students
to continue their studies in math, science, and engineering."
These "Northern Chapter" awards compliment the awards given out by the NMNWSE at the state Science Fair.

If you would like to help judge or if you want to organize "Northern Chapter" awards at your Northern New Mexico County's or School District's Science Fair, contact Tinka Gammel, jtg@lanl.gov, 667-9149.

LAWIS Science Fair Awards given in 2004 (and Dec 2003)

Manzano Vista Middle School, Dec. 10, 2003
The following students were awarded "Women Who Dare" Knowledge Cards in recognition of the excellence of their project:

  • Felicia Sanchez, Which Soil Type is Best for Making the Strongest Adobe Brick?
  • Lindsey Chavez, Traveling Bacteria
  • Ashley Ronquillo, Will Different Metal Pots Effect Natural Dyes?
  • Traci Galemore, Does Sediment Size Affect the Movement of Contaminant Ground Water?
  • Melissa Gabaldon, Are You Getting What You Paid For?
  • Katelyn Sanchez, Testing The Soil of New Mexico
Certificates recognizing their achievements were also given to several other students. Many thanks to our LAWIS judge Cas Mason!

Los Alamos County, Feb. 7, 2004
The following students were awarded books or Knowledge Cards in recognition of the excellence of their project:

  • Anna Trugman, The Chase: Hunting Strategies of Predators, Book
  • Victoria Webster, The Effect of an Acoustic Field on Water, Book
  • Patty Bennett, Grow Plants Grow, Knowledge Cards
  • Hannah Breshears and Anna Grothaus, Which Stain Remover Works the Best, Knowledge Cards
  • Lily Fehler, How Much Does Tuff Compress at Different Temperatures, Knowledge Cards
  • Alexander Kendrick, Cave Splash Ring Dynamics, Knowledge Cards
  • Amber Maxwell, Cold Stratification of Native White Firs, Knowledge Cards
  • Alexandra Nichols and Kate Rooney, Wrap it Up, Knowledge Cards
  • Cameron Ott, The Rate that Standing Burned Trees Fall After a Forest Fire, Knowledge Cards
  • Kai Pocterra, Choice of COlor in Different Ages, Knowledge Cards
  • Desta Shelley, Bacteria Wars, Knowledge Cards
  • Summer Shelley, How Do Different Surfaces Interact with Rainwater, Knowledge Cards
  • Amber Starr, Do Germs Really Spread by Not Washing Your Hands?, Knowledge Cards
  • Garret Suszcynsky, How Are Craters Formed on the Moon?, Knowledge Cards
Many thanks to our LAWIS judges Tinka Gammel, Rheta Moazzami, and Charles Rogers, with help from Toni Taylor, Janie Enter, Roger Johnston, and the AAUW judges! Books were student's choice of: "Marie Curie, A Life", "Lise Meitner, A Life in Physics", "Their Day in the Sun, Women of the Manhattan Project", and "Hornest Nest, Experiences of the Navy's First Female Pilot" (autographed). Knowledge Cards were student's choice of: Women Who Dare I, Women Who Dare II, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Weather, Astronomy, Space Science, African American Women, and Women Writers. All students who won our award were also given one of the LAWIS Award Certificates created by Jody Shepard (showing Nobel Prize winning female scientists in the background).

We hope all Science Fair participants had fun, and will continue to develop their potential as future scientists!

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