Los Alamos Women in Science

Northern Chapter of the New Mexico Network for
Women in Science and Engineering


The LAWIS newsletter is a "quasi-periodical", which means the editor gets out copies as she has time. The target is a few times a year.

We are "in the process of" converting the old newsletters to html (ie, thanks to Carol LaDelfe, a good start has been made, but further improvements await a willing volunteer.... like you...)

LAWIS Newsletters - Back Issues

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post-2000:   (missing)
12/00-01/01:   (html)
00/10-00/11:   (html)
00/07:   (html)
00/06:   (html)
00/05:   (html)
00/04:   (html)
00/03:   (html)
00/01:   (html)
98/07:   (html)   (ascii)
97/12:   (html)   (ascii)
97/08:   (html)   (ascii)
97/05:   (html)   (ascii)
97/02:   (ascii)
96/11:   (ascii)
96/07:   (ascii)
pre-1996:   (missing)


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