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On the Day of the Conference

Time: Registration opens at 7:00am on April 3, 2010. The conference begins at 8:00am.
Location: Smith Brasher Hall, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), Albuquerque, NM
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Attendees who are pre-registered (see below) should plan to arrive at Smith Brasher Hall in plenty of time to pick up their registration packets and find a seat for the Keynote Event by 8am.

While pre-registration is strongly recommended, on-site registration may be available (in Smith Brasher Hall) if not all slots are filled by pre-registration. We suggest you plan to arrive close to 7am and have alternate plans in case no slots remain.

3/18: Walk-in Registrations Welcome!
Individuals and Groups wishing to do walk-in registration should contact the planning committee to let us know to expect you.

In Advance

Registration Deadline for Groups of 10 or more: March 26, 2010
Registration Deadline for Groups of less than 10: March 26, 2010
Registration Deadline for Individuals: March 25, 2009
Student and Adult Registration Fee: $5.00 (non-refundable)

3/18: Advance Registration deadlines extended to March 26!
Remember, attendance is limited and is first-come, first-served, so register early!
Please do Walk-In registration after March 26, as mail may not arrive in time.

  • PRE-registration IS strongly recommended for both students & adults.
  • One registration form per person (student or adult).
  • Registration will close without notice if capacity is reached before the deadlines.
  • The pre-registration fee is $5.
  • The on-site registration fee (if space is available) will be $10.
  • Student registration fee may be waived by having your teacher sign the appropriate line on the registration form.
  • Registration fee (check, no cash) must accompany each registration! (unless waived)
  • No telephone, fax, or email registrations are accepted.
  • Confirmation will be mailed on April 1, 2009 (tentative)
  • See the contacts page if you need further information.

Each attendee (an attendee is either a student or an adult) must fill out the appropriate form.
  Student Program Registration Form      Adult Program Registration Form

Print a hardcopy and fill out by hand. Please be sure that the ENTIRE form is printed neatly!

Send both the form and the registration fee (check, no cash) through the US Mail to the address listed below.

Return registration form and fee to:

Make checks payable to: Expanding Your Horizons (EYH). (Your check is your receipt.)

Fine Print: <Registration for this conference constitutes the granting of permission for the use of your photograph in publicity for future conferences. EYH is not responsible for, and cannot supervise students who fail to attend assigned sessions and scheduled activities. >

See the contacts page if you need further information.