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"Just wanted to pass on to you the glowing comments I received from my 12 year old daughter about CEYH 2011. She enjoyed the hands-on projects in each workshop and is excited about her future academically and professionally. (Of course, she didn't phrase it that way but the meaning is the same!)" - J

"I am so glad to find links to this great program after so many years. I give a lot of credit to this program for my success in the engineering field. I went through this program of course at UNM while in 7th grade at Polk Middle School. I decided then at the conference that I wanted to be an engineer. I graduated from UNM with a BSEE in Dec 1997 and I am thankful for this program. I have moved around the country and now reside in the Houston area. Please pat yourself on the back for contributing to such a successful program. Thank you. I hope to locate a similar program in the area so I can volunteer my time." - Tammy

"My daughters go every year and come back so jazzed up!" - Joe

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