Jul 16, 2014 Central Chapter Meeting, Speaker info

Speaker: Carla Busick, Sandia National Laboratory
Title: STEM Leadership Group Discussion
Abstract: Carla Busick will lead a group discussion on STEM Leadership

Carla Busick is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff with 20 years' Sandia National Laboratories' Nuclear Weapon Stockpile Support experience including Project Management for product development and Mission Planning.

"My earlier career involved Systems Engineering for Communication Satellites, Pointing, Tracking and Early Warning Missile Defense work. As a student, I had worked for a summer at Sandia in Renewable Energy. My education includes an MS in Optics from the University of Arizona, Tucson and a BS in Physics from the University of Illinois, Urbana as well as additional coursework in Physics and Education from UNM, Education from Cal State Dominguez Hills, Systems Engineering through UCLA and Stevens Institute of Technology, and National Security Intelligence/Counter-Intelligence from University of New Haven; as you can see, I embrace the concept of lifelong learning! My outreach activities include Sandia's Manos Hands-on Industrial Engineering module, "Big Sister" for United Way, Science Fair judging, Career Fair speaker, Tutoring, and Teacher support for American Vacuum Society/NM.

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