Jun 18, 2014 Central Chapter Meeting, Speaker info

Speaker: Bernadette Hernandez, Sandia National Laboratory
Title: Adventures in Chemistry: From National Laboratory Research to Community Outreach
Abstract: Growing in up in NM gave me several opportunities to explore science, but it wasn't until I got involved in high school a student internship at Sandia National Laboratories that my interest in chemistry really took off. I will share my experiences of "growing up" scientifically at a National Laboratory and how it has shaped my career, influenced the type of research I conduct, and the outreach I volunteer in. My research supports the viability of alternative energy (marine hydrokinetic, solar) and homeland security (radiation detectors).

Bernadette A. Hernandez-Sanchez is the project lead for the Advanced Materials Program and DOE's Marine and Hydrokinetic Technology Database (MHTDB). Bernadette earned her B.S. in Chemistry from New Mexico Tech and her Ph.D. in Solid State Inorganic Chemistry from Colorado State University. She joined Sandia as a student intern and returned in 2004 as a postdoctoral researcher. In 2008, she became a member of technical staff in Sandia's Ceramic Processing & Inorganic Materials Department. Bernadette is very active in educational outreach, and has developed a well received CSI dognapping workshop designed to produce students hooked on science (see the Sandia National Labs report number SAND2007-7998).

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