May 21, 2014 Central Chapter Meeting, Speaker info

Our speaker will be Dr. Kenya Moore Dias da Cunha. She will share her current work and also discuss the many other roles she has played during her career. Originally from Brazil, Dr. Moore is currently an Adjunct Professor, at Center for Environmental Technology, Department of Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico, conducting studies in the area of environmental contamination applying nuclear and atomic techniques. For 35 years, she was senior Research Staff, (Brazilian) National Nuclear Energy Commission/Institute of Radiological Protection and Dosimetry - IRD/CNEN, then she retired on November 24, 2010. She spent 19 years as the Director of Characterization Aerosol Laboratory, developing studies on human internal and environmental contamination with metals and radionuclides. She also was member of the team responsible to respond to a nuclear emergency. She developed studies on risk assessment due exposure to radionuclides. She was responsible for the surveillance, control and assessment of the occupational radiological protection program at Nuclear Fuel Cycle Plants, at U Mining and Milling and at mining of minerals with Th and U associated. Kenya also worked at radiological monitoring department of CNEN/IRD (radioactive waste control).

Kenya was also professor and member of the board of the Radiological Protection graduate program for 12 years. She was a professor at Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro where she taught and conducted studies in the area of environmental and human contamination with metals and radionuclides applying nuclear and atomic techniques at the Van de Graaff Accelerator Laboratory. She was also a professor in the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency - UN) Professional Development Courses and was reviewer of the IAEA - International Basic Safety Standard on radiological protection.

She received her Ph.D. in biophysics in 1997 from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and her M.S. in Biophysics State University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1988 and B.S in 1976 in Physics in Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Brazil, She was a post-doctor at Texas A&M University, Texas, US. Kenya has authored or co-authored approximately 85 refereed and invited articles incl. proceedings, more than 40 refereed and invited talks and four book chapters. Her group is currently involved in research on application of nuclear and atomic techniques to characterize radionuclides present in the environment and in the human body. They are focused in the characterization of uranium isotopes in the environmental samples.

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