December 2002 Fund-Raising Report

by Deborah Potter

Since the annual meeting I have been busy compiling a list of potential funding sources and putting together grant applications. It´s already paid off, and Intel Corporation granted $4,000! Please let me know as soon as the check arrives at the Post Office Box so I can send the acknowledgement form for receipt of donation and a thank-you letter to Intel.

We expect to hear from New Mexico Children´s Foundation in January. An application was transmitted electronically to Turner Broadcasting System, but apparently denied. I submitted an electronic pre-proposal to Westgroup Community Partnership and am waiting to hear if they will accept the full application. Other applications were prepared for later submission dates -- Paul Newman´s Own and Christensen Fund. 1,000 CD Roms were requested from Office Depot and the Southwestern Region of IBM Corporation. When corporate donation forms asked how their employees can help, I said they could transfer our career book onto the CD Roms for distribution at EYH conferences.

The following potential donors were recommend by a friend who is a full-time fund-raiser for UNM. I plan to send solicitation letters to at least some of them.

SBS Tech Corporation, 2400 Louisiana N.E., Suite 600
EMCOR (, 1600 Eubank, S.E.
Applied Research Associates (, 4300 San Mateo N.E., Suite 220 87110
Science and Engineering Association (, 6110 Uptown N.E.
Burlington Northern, 5601 W. 26th St., Cicero, IL 60804
Ford Foundation
New England Brothers Labs
McCune Charitable Foundation, 345 E. Alameda 87501 505/983-8300
Wells Fargo, other banks (mandated to give 2% back to the community)
Walmart Corporation
Sandia Labs
Bueno Foods (female owned)
Garcia Honda
Rose Paper Products
NM Women´s Foundation (January deadline)
Dale J. Bellamah Foundation, P.O. Box 36600 87176