New Mexico Network for

PO Box 18073, Albuquerque, NM 87185


March 2001

NMNWSE Board of Directors

  J. Margo Clark
  Santa Fe, NM
Past President
  Carol La Delfe
  Los Alamos, NM
Vice President/President-Elect
  Angelique Neuman
  Espanola, NM
  Alexine Salazar
  Santa Fe, NM
  Tinka Gammel
  Los Alamos, NM
Annual Meeting
  Kelly Bitner
  Albuquerque, NM
  Mary Campbell
  Los Alamos, NM
  Claudia Lewis
  Los Alamos, NM
EYH Coordinator
  Adrienne Dare
  Silver City, NM
Fund Raising
  Mary Lou Westrom
  Cedar Crest, NM
  Wyona Turner
  El Paso, TX
  Angelique Neuman
  Espanola, NM
  Sarah Gottlieb
  Albuquerque, NM
  Kim Linder
  Cedar Crest, NM
Policies and Procedures
  Sarah Gottlieb
  Albuquerque, NM
Science Fair
  Merecedes Agogino
  Portales, NM
  Dana Roberson
  Los Alamos, NM
Central Chapter
  Kelly Bitner
  Albuquerque, NM
Eastern Chapter
  Mercedes Agogino
  Portales, NM
Northern Chapter
  Mary Campbell
  Los Alamos, NM
Southern Chapter
Professional Development
Seminar Committee
  Karen Saenz
  Alamogordo, NM
  Wyona Turner
  El Paso, TX


Margo Clark

I am realizing that this year is flying by rapidly and my term as your President is over half over. We have experienced achievements for NM Women in Science and Engineering, and we have experienced some frustrations as we realized that our dream of a professional seminar in June would have to wait for another year. Yet, we look forward to some of those ideas being introduced into our annual meeting in October.

Our "Expanding Your Horizons" Conferences have been a major part of our proud achievements. Two chapters have already held their conferences, and the northern chapter EYH will soon follow. The Silver City EYH was held on February 24, and was a great success thanks to the effort of Adrienne Dare, our NMNWSE board member. On March 3, the Central Chapter EYH, chaired by Linda McCormick, successfully offered 25 workshops for 380 students. On March 28 the Northern Chapter, under the chair of Dana Roberson, is offering approximately 15 workshops and are expecting approximately 150 students. The Southern Chapter is not able to offer an EYH conference this year.

Kim Linder, our Board member from the Central Chapter launched an advertising campaign for NMNWSE and the Central Chapter by obtaining from the Albuquerque Journal free advertising on the "brown wrapper" section of the paper. Approximately 12 women in the Albuquerque area have indicated interest in joining the Central Chapter. We salute the extra efforts by Kelly Bitner and Kim Linder to expand the membership of the Central Chapter.

Several of our members will serve as judges for the NM Science Fair held in Socorro on April 7, 2001. I will be there with you this year. Thank all of you for your efforts. Following the judging activities, we will hold our next NMNWSE Board meeting at 2 pm.

Lastly, we congratulate one of our NMNWSE board members, Alexine Salazar, on the birth of her son in February. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all of you for your support as we go into our 23rd year!



Sara J. Gottlieb

March, 2001

Some of you know me, but many do not.  Now that I am co-editing the newsletter, it seemed like as good a time as any to introduce myself.  I have been a member of the Network since 1998, when I volunteered at the Albuquerque EYH.  I gave a run-through of my master's thesis defense at the annual meeting at the Sevilleta that year. Then in 1999, I became a member of the Board as Policies and Procedures Chair.  There has been little activity in that area, so when the position was abolished late last year, I attained my current post.

Aside from my history as a member of NMNWSE, I am a Data Manager in the Museum of Southwestern Biology's Division of Fishes.  Many of you may be unfamiliar with this facility in the UNM Biology Department.  It is a repository for biological materials; kind of like a library for the natural world.

I came to New Mexico from the Washington, D.C. metro area, where I was active with a similar organization, the Women's Aquatic Network.  While WAN's membership was more focused in terms of professional association, its goals were largely the same as NMNWSE.  I really enjoyed the camaraderie among those women (and men), and hope to find that same level of support here.

There are many challenges that make the networking aspect of NMNWSE difficult.  Not the least of these is the geographic distances which separate the membership.  Also, the broad backgrounds and professional associations of the members can make organizing networking events a struggle. 

There are, however, some easy ways that we can stay in touch and even become acquainted.  The web page (www.nmnwse.org) is the most up-to-date and complete source of information, while the newsletter can be used more as a forum for the membership.  Also, there is an email list available to the membership.  To subscribe, send an email to nmnwse-l@unm.edu  We encourage all members to contribute their ideas to the Board and the membership through these media.

I hope to meet more of you and look forward to seeing the Network become a network for all of us.


Announcements corner

Dear NMNWSE members,

New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering Central Chapter
is coming out of hibernation!!

Please come to the first meeting of the re-awakened Central Chapter.

When: Sunday, April 1 at 3:00-4:30 (You'd be foolish not to come!)

Where: Kelly Bitner's House, 4409 Royene Ave NE ABQ, 268-1761

What: Networking and information with wine and snackies


3:00 Networking

3:30 Presentations and discussion on "That Political Thing".  How the political

system works from the amateur and professional view. 

4:15 Discuss future meetings of Central Chapter

February 20, 2001

3rd - Grader's Racism Study Banned


Filed at 8:12 a.m. ET

BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -- School officials are reviewing a decision to ban a third-grader's science fair project which suggested students preferred a white Barbie doll over a black Barbie.

The Mesa Elementary School student's father, David Thielen, said his 8-year-old daughter was told the school's science fair was not the best forum for considering racial issues.

Now the school board has asked Superintendent George Garcia to look at the school's reaction to the girl's project and examine overall science fair policy.

Thielen's daughter, whose name he did not want released, dressed up a white Barbie and black Barbie in two different colored dresses. She asked 15 adults at her father's workplace which doll was prettier.

She then switched the dresses and asked 15 more adults. The doll wearing the lavender dress -- regardless of the doll's skin color -- was deemed prettiest by both groups.

When she asked fifth-graders at Mesa Elementary, all 15 in one class picked the white doll. In the second class, after the dresses were switched, nine of the 15 students picked the white doll.

Her conclusion: ``I discovered that most grown-ups liked the lavender dress on the black or white Barbie. On the other hand, kids mostly liked the white Barbie. Only six kids liked the black Barbie.''

Within an hour of setting up her display earlier this month, it was taken down. Several teachers and parents thought it would upset the school's minority students.

Thielen said school administrators violated his daughter's First Amendment rights, and he wants them to apologize. ``I would think the district would want to use the exhibit to discuss race rather than refuse to even talk about it,'' Thielen said.

The school's enrollment is about 93 percent white, 3 percent Asian, 3 percent Latino and 1 percent black, according to the district.

``Issues around race are sometimes more difficult to discuss,'' school board president Stan Garnett said. ``But that doesn't mean they shouldn't be talked about.''

February 2001 Board Meeting

February 3, 2001

The meeting was held at Kelly Bitner’s house in Albuquerque. Board members in attendance were: Margo Clark, Carol La Delfe, Karen Saenz, Wyona Turner, Angelique Neuman, Mary Campbell, Dana Roberson, Mercedes Agogino, and Sara Gottlieb.

J. Margo Clark called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Minutes: were reviewed and a spelling correction was noted. Wyona made a motion to approve the minutes with this correction. Carol seconded it, and it was approved.


Tinka Gammel

Tinka was unable to attend because of a conflict with the Los Alamos science fair. She sent a report to everyone by e-mail. Angelique moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Carol seconded it, and it was passed.

standing committee REPORTS

Kelly Bitner
Kelly Bitner is still working on location and details.
Mary S. Campbell
Mary printed the current bylaws and policies and procedures from the Web site on December 10. Karen found that they were current. The IRS tax-exempt letter has been found and is now in the archives 1981 notebook. A list of board members is being compiled from information in the archives. A copy of the list was given to Mercedes in case she had more information on members of Boards in the late 80’s that were not found yet.
Claudia Lewis
Nothing to report.
Mary Lou Westrom
No report. Her address is P.O. Box 1007, Cedar Crest, NM 87008. She also has a FAX 242-7355.
Wyona Turner
Wyona reported about 65 members; however, more were coming into the P.O. Box. There were 6 requests for membership information. Two old members have moved out of state. The 3rd renewal notice was sent. She sent 7 old directories and expects the new directory to be ready in February. Northern chapter has given honorary memberships to Jody Shepard, Kathleen Ramsay, and Colleen Olinger. Central Chapter gave an honorary membership to Brenda Davies. Carol moved that the report be accepted and Kelly seconded.
Angelique Neuman and Sara Gottlieb
Angelique and Sara sent out the November newsletter on December 6 with the survey for the professional meeting. The e-mail version of the January newsletter including the report from the Dec. board meeting was sent out January 31.
Policy and Procedures
Karen reported that 1 member can be a chapter. Also she found that a chair can be abolished when not needed.
Kim Linder
The brown wrapper was in the Albuquerque Journal January 20. Kim will obtain a copy for the archives.
Science Fair
Mercedes Agogino and Dana Roberson
Mercedes has the information from the State Science Fair. It is on April 7 at NM Tech in Socorro. She asked for the names of our judges to send to the organizers. They will receive packets of information. Mercedes said 5 x $50 for senior prizes and 5 x $25 for Junior prizes. Last meeting we said both senior and junior would receive $50 plus a bag and careers booklet.

Expanding Your Horizons

Adrienne Dare
In the absence of Adrienne, Karen reported that she had applied for the workshop insurance with her agent. Adrienne emailed to Karen the location and date of each conference.
Albuquerque EYH
Linda McCormick, chair
Date: March 3 at UNM. Kelly expects 300 students, but she needs 450 career booklets. Kelly will contact Wendee about bags. The plan for fabric bags with EYH logo on one side and NMNWSE logo on the other side. Tinka paid the bulk mail permit thinking it was for the whole network. However, it was for the Central Chapter’s EYH. They will reimburse the State Network’s treasury.
Los Alamos EYH
Dana Roberson, chair
Date: March 28 at the LANL. The fliers are ready to go out to the schools and the Chairs for each event are filled. The budget was sent for the minutes internal LANL funding is $13,000 outside funding is $813.39 for items not allowable like fabric bags and prizes. Proposed external expenditures are $2625 and proposed internal expenditures are $8,831.25 including $1400 for lodging, transportation, and honorarium for keynote speaker, $2400 for lunch and refreshments and $1080 for Protocol assistance.
Silver City
Adrienne Dare
Date: February 24 at Western.
Las Cruces EYH
No other Southern EYH this year

Chapter Reports

Karen Saenz
Karen Saenz will head the professional seminar in late June.
Southern Chapter donated in Mary Bochman’s name to Handprints Therapeutic Horsemanship, 2325 Desert Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88001 Mary’s husband’s name is Chris McDonald, 433 Salopek Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88001
Cathy Cleland
This quarter has been a busy one for us. We have already judged and passed out awards at two science fairs and are planning to do so for at least 3 more before spring is here! We received many thank you notes from the schools and the awardees stating that the awards (cash and award certificate) have encouraged them even more to do well in science (see this month’s Newsletter).
The EYH season is in full swing! The Northern chapter EYH is March 28 and Dana Roberson has gotten most of it ready to go! We have received funding from internal sources and are preparing to talk with external donors. Tinka Gammel has found a wonderful idea for one of the giveaways: magnets with the NMNWSE and LAWIS logos.
Our LunchTime talk series is going strong this year . Joanne Wendelberger’s talk on evaluating factors affecting student performance was well attended and well received. It was quite informative. Upcoming talks include two on Career Development and one on balancing career and home life. If you haven’t been to any this year, I encourage you to attend!
We have set up a networking listserv address and the beginning of a website. The networking site will serve as a tool for women to consult women concerning careers and anything else pertaining to networking. The listserv address is: lawis_nw@lanl.gov. Anyone is welcome to send email through the listserv. The website contains sites for job search engines and information on preparing resumes. Please make suggestions on content or design to Cathy Cleland, buzzer@lanl.gov. The current URL: http://www.t12.lanl.gov/home/lawis/NETWORKING/index.html.
So far this year we have 45 members that have renewed and 5 new members. Lori Merrill has sent reminders to 2 past members. We think getting more involved with the women at LANL through networking and other membership functions will bring attention to LAWIS and NMNWSE as a positive and supportive group in which to belong.
We are looking forward as well to the State sponsored career day in June 2001!
Kelly Bitner
Kelly Bitner has the checkbook. She will have a meeting to decide what form of meeting would attract the Albuquerque group to a meeting.

Old Business

Career books are being printed and they will be housed by Dana or Tinka.

Carol presented the new policy and procedure for the web master.

Duties and Responsibilities
Web Communications Chair

  1. Is a member of the Board of Directors and attends B of D meetings;
  2. Manages and maintains the Network web site according to procedure PRO(x)
  3. Contributes to furthering the work of the B of D and the Network.

01-PRO 9 (?) Web Site

The Network web site is maintained on an "as-needed" basis, with pertinent news, announcements, resource links, and any other information as desired by members or suggested by the web chair (web master).

Content may be placed on the site at the discretion of the webmaster. Questions of appropriate content will be decided by the Board of Directors.

The domain name, NMNWSE.ORG, was registered originally in November 1998. Registration is $35 per year, paid 2 years at a time, to Network Solutions, Inc.

Magnets for science fair, fund raising, and publicity.

Karen moved that we use the thicker magnetic material with printed new generic logo and have the state treasury pay for them to be professionally done. Kelly second and it was approved by the Board.

New Business

Ann Mauzy reported that the Native American Science and Engineering Fair would be March 9-10 in Albuquerque.

The next board meeting would be after the Science Fair judging at NM Tech April 7 at 2 PM. Wyona will bring refreshments.

Meeting was adjourned by Margo at 12:15.