New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering

Board Meeting

1 December 2001

The meeting was held in Placitas at Jeanne’s home. Board members in attendance were: Adrienne, Margo, Carol, Kim, Sara, Mary, Jeanne, dede, Tinka, and Alexine.

Margo called meeting to order at 10:08 am.

SECRETARY’S REPORT — Alexine Salazar

  1. August 4, 2001 BOD Minutes
  2. Minutes were approved as amended (motioned by Carol; seconded by Kim).

    1. State EYH — Adrienne had submitted a report by proxy but Alexine had never received a copy. Alexine will revise per Adrienne’s input.
    2. Reference to "Eastern Chapter" should be changed to "Southern Chapter" and remove reference to "Silver City". This is throughout the minutes.
  3. October 21, 2001 BOD Minutes
  4. Minutes were approved as amended (motioned by dede; seconded by Carol).

    1. State EYH — Adrienne had submitted a report by proxy but Alexine had never received a copy. Alexine will revise per Adrienne’s input.
    2. Reference to "Eastern Chapter" should be changed to "Southern Chapter" and remove reference to "Silver City". This is throughout the minutes.
  5. October 20, 2001 Annual Meeting

Minutes not approved but comments and corrections made while meeting was still fresh in everyone’s mind.

TREASURER’S REPORT — Yolanda King (proxy)

Margo will forward a copy of Yolanda’s report to me.

  1. 501.c
  2. Paperwork explained. Yolanda indicated this was sufficient to obtain a non-profit mail permit.

  3. Rebated to Central Chapter
  4. Reference was made to an email from Claudia, which indicated "they" did not want their rebates since they were not active at the time.

  5. Signature card for Bank of America
  6. Yolanda needs papers. Alexine had but needed signature from Jeanne. She will mail out to Yolanda.

  7. Money Market
  8. Yolanda doesn’t have any recent paperwork.

  9. Corporate Report Paperwork
  10. Need to send with names of our current members. Alexine will submit a letter with the information.

  11. Owe Tinka $700+
  12. Needs Tinka’s address.

  13. Money Market Account update
  14. Claudia reported $7000 but this should be $6000.

  15. Miscellaneous

Yolanda has no bank statements and probably doesn’t have the treasurer’s book. We need to change all address information for BofA, Dean Witter, and USPS (forward our mail). Alexine will submit formal requests.


  1. Annual Meeting —
  2. No report.

  3. Archives — Mary S. Campbell
  4. Mary brought digital pictures she took at one of our board meetings. Mary is keeping books up to date but everyone needs to send her email. Dede commented that, per our by laws, we are only required to keep the minutes from the previous year and current minutes with the Secretary. Alexine needs to reflect in the minutes the date they were approved.

  5. Elections — Claudia Lewis (proxy)
  6. Claudia gave Margo her notebook to leave with Jeanne.

  7. Fund Raising —
  8. Tinka will be sending Yolanda some information on fundraising.

  9. Membership — Wyona Turner (proxy)
  10. Wyona has the membership box to give to Jeanne. She will be in Albuquerque on December 21. Jeanne will contact her. Tinka recalls (when she was treasurer) that a member paid twice, Tracy McFarland, maybe. We need to reimburse her money. Carol volunteered to be membership chair.

  11. Newsletter — Sara Gottlieb
  12. No report since there hasn’t been a newsletter. Use of the listserve and future needs have to be discussed.

  13. Publicity — Kim Linder
  14. The brown wrapper information was submitted to the Albuquerque Journal. It should be coming out in Dec-Jan-Feb. Also, the GE Working Woman Award is in January

  15. Science Fair — Mercedes Agogino (proxy)
  16. The Science Fair is scheduled for April 13.


  1. State EYH — Adrienne Dare (proxy)
  2. Adrienne requested $200 + $60 for Math & Science Network. She will send email to Yolanda with that request. She needs information from each site, along with POC. Included should be location, FAX number, date, etc.

    Are there enough book bags for this year? Per Tinka, we have enough (about 1500). We will need to do some fundraising this year to order more bags for next year.

    There is some confusion regarding the $200 check paid out to MSN. This was never received. A check for $260 was sent to MSN in February 2001. Yolanda will need to check bank statements.

    Also, the insurance was paid late last year.

    Chapter reports were skipped. Skip to Old Business.

  3. Northern Chapter —
  4. Eastern Chapter —
  5. Central Chapter —
  6. Southern Chapter —


  1. Northern Chapter —
  2. Eastern Chapter —
  3. Central Chapter —
  4. Southern Chapter —


  1. Draft Charter for NMNWSE
  2. Kelly submitted via email to the Board for review. After some discussion, Jeanne offered to reword based on suggestions from our discussion. This does require membership approval (i.e., members do need to vote to adopt or not).

  3. 2001-2002 Remaining Meetings

February 2 Albuquerque at Kelly’s

April 13 Socorro (Science Fair)

June 1 Los Alamos at Carol’s

August 10

October Annual Meeting

December 7


  1. Awards and Recognitions — Kim Linder
  2. The YWCA of the Upper Rio Grande Women on the Move Award is due January 11. There is a $100 fee and requires a 500 word summary. Motion to allocate $100 from the general fund for this made by Carol, seconded by Alexine; approved.

    Also, Kim motioned to nominate Adrienne, seconded by dede; approved.

    What about the Governor’s Award? To be discussed later.

  3. Appointments:
  4. Tinka — member at large

    Adrienne — member at large, Southern Chapter rep.

  5. Annual Meeting
  6. Check the by laws regarding rotating between chapters. BOD thinks it is now appropriate that this become a BOD function.

  7. Magnets — Tinka Gammel
  8. Tinka announced she has magnets available for events (EYH, science fairs, etc). Also, she announced that LAWIS (Northern Chapter) is considering purchasing a mug press.

  9. Thank you — J. Margo Clark

Margo thanked the BOD for the support given this past year. The "virtual gavel" was passed on the Jeanne.

Meeting was adjourned (motioned by dede; seconded by Carol) at 12:40 pm.