2006 NMNWSE Annual Meeting and Technical Sessions
Oct 27-28, Spirit Canyon Lodge, Lake Roberts, New Mexico


The deadline to register online is 1 October 2006.  Online registrations and abstracts received by COB Monday Oct 2, 2006, will be viewed as meeting the deadline. Post-deadline registrations and abstracts registrations will be accepted on a space available basis. We must release any unsold rooms on C.O.B Friday, Oct. 13. If you do not submit the online registration before C.O.B. Friday, Oct. 13 and desire accommodations, likely there will be problems.
After 1 October 2006, please submit the online registration form but do not send payment until you receive confirmation from the registrar. Post-deadline papers may be relegated to a poster session - contact the Technical Chair for scheduling of your presentation.

Each Meeting Attendee must complete a separate registration form. An electronic copy of your registration will be sent to the AM2006 registrar when you click on the submit button at the bottom of this page.  To complete the registration process, you must send a hardcopy of the registration form with your check, payable to NMNWSE, to:
          NMNWSE / AM2006
          PO Box 1360
          Los Alamos, New Mexico, 87544 USA.

Cancellation by 1 Oct will receive 90% reimbursement (excluding annual dues), cancellation after 1 Oct 2006 will receive reimbursement for registration fee only, although if we are able to re-sell the rooms we will treat as prior to 1 Oct.

If you have any questions please contact the AM2006 Registrar.
Note: registrar contact changes on Oct 20 - see http://nmnwse.org/AM2006/AM2006_contacts.htm.
----------- Meeting Attendee information:
*First Name:   *Last Name:
*Daytime Phone:     *Evening Phone:
*Full Mailing address:

Name(s) of accompanying persons (e.g., spouse not attending meeting), if any. Also indicate if any are child under 10.

*Would you be willing to run for the 2007 NMNWSE Board? (   yes /   no )
Will you attend the Sunday AM NMNWSE Board Meeting? (   yes /   no )

*Are you giving a paper in the technical session? (   yes /   no )
If so, please provide title and abstract: (or indicate if already sent to technical chair)

Registration Fees and Accommodations: (see also preference section at the bottom of this form)

Registration fee:
Includes Friday reception and all meals Saturday. You can also select to add Sunday breakfast, or select to have only some of the meals on Saturday if you will not be joining us for the full day.
    /person × person(s) accompanying you, but not attending meeting

  None:     All rooms are non-smoking. If you want a smoking room, check none and make your own reservations.
with roommate:
/bed × bed(s)    
no roommate:
/bed × bed(s)  
  Double:         /bed × bed(s)  

NMNWSE 2007 Membership fee:

*Registration Total:     (add above - apologies I don't know how to do this automatically)
Do you wish to apply for a meeting scholarship? (   yes /   no )
If so, please provide justification (a limited number will be awarded based on need):

(Please contact meeting registrar for scholarship status prior to sending check - give us at least one week to review your request.)

  interested in accompanying persons program
  interested in childcare
(If offered, you will pay for these at the meeting.)

Dietary Restrictions / Special Accommodations Needed / Other Comments:
Please enter any additional information you wish us to consider when planning this event (e.g., wheelchair access needed).

Room Preference:
While we will do our best to meet your room preferences, accommodations are limited, and we have some non-standard rooms, as well as rooms in cabins which share bathrooms. If you are willing to consider these, please indicate here:
      Call me first     Fold-out in common room OK   (single/double as above)
      Shared bathroom OK     Room with 2 queens OK (shared)       Prefer cabin (shared)       Prefer king-size bed
If you want to indicate who you might be willing to share with, please do so here.
You may receive reimbursement at the meeting if you are assigned to a non-standard room. Contact the AM2006 Registrar if you need this adjustment made in advance or have questions. -----------
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