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Online voting accepted through Thursday 26 October 2006
You may also vote in person at the 2006 NMNWSE Annual Meeting.

Note:  We ask for your name only so we can insure each member votes only once. This information only goes to Elections Chair, who will add your vote to the current tally and record the fact that you have voted. No permanent record will be kept which will associate your individual choices with your name, nor will that information be available to anyone but the Elections Chair. Only votes from people who are either currently members or will become members by the date of the Annual Meeting will be counted. If you have any questions on the process, please contact the Elections Chair, Georgia Pedicini, gap@lanl.gov, 505-667-8117.

To insure you did not accidentally skip casting one of your votes, you must select an option (which includes 'no vote') for each possible vote before the form will be accepted. If votes are missing, it will send you to an error page, which will allow you to go back and finish the form. If the form is successfully submitted, you will be sent to a 'thank you for voting' page, which will forward you to the main AM2006 page after a few seconds.


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  Charlene Bausinger
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  Elizabeth Kallman
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  Yolanda King
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Policy Vote: Dark Sky Resolution
NMNWSE recognizes that the night sky is part of the cultural and scientific heritage of all humanity, which should be preserved and protected. NMNWSE further recognizes that light pollution is a visible and needless waste of resources contributing to global warming. NMNWSE urges its members to reduce their own contributions to light pollution. NMNWSE further encourages its members to help make others aware of the importance of preserving dark night skies and the negative impacts of light pollution on astronomical research, nocturnal species, energy conservation, and human behavior.

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Click here for Candidate statements and background. Click here for Dark Sky Resolution background.
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