New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering


Held Friday October 23 through Saturday October 24, 1998
Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research site


Welcome/Overview of Sevilleta LTER by Deborah Ulinski Potter

Session I - Presented Papers

  1. Odyssey of Bureaucracy: Helping Young Women Navigate their Way by Shelly Pell and Cameron Langner
  2. Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication in Support of Surplus Plutonium Disposition by Angelique Neuman
  3. Use of Canines in Scent Detection and Search Work by Wendee M. Brunish
  4. Evaluation of Waste Characterization Processes Used to Confirm Acceptable Knowledge of Transuranic Waste Streams at LANL Facilities by Karen E. Browne

Keynote Address: Y2K Computer Problems, Myths & Realities by Jeanne Banks

Session II - Presented Papers

  1. T he Ecological Role of Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrranum) in Chesapeake Bay and Implications for Management of the Fishery by Sara Jean Gottlieb
  2. New Mexico Water Quality for the New Millennium by Kelly Bitner
  3. Use of Formative Assessment to Improve the Success Rate of Students in Biology by Barbara Washburn and Connie Kubo Della-Piana
  4. Affinity Research Groups by Nelly Delgado
  5. Nondestructive Assay System for ARIES Weapons Component Dismantlement System by Nancy Scheer

Tour of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Dinner at Val Verde Restaurant, 203 Mananares Ave, E, Socorro
Performance of Susan B. Anthony in 1895 by Marilyn Adams, Chautauqua Scholar