Y2K Computer Problems, Myths and Realities

Jeanne Banks, Senior Principal Staff Member for BDM/IRW


Ms. Banks will discuss the year 2000--what's real and what's not. She will discuss much of the information and misinformation that is currently being promoted about what will happen to computer systems in the year 2000.

Ms. Banks has recently returned to Albuquerque after a five and a half year absence. Currently for BDM/TRW she is managing BDM's program efforts to do the Y2K conversion of the unemployment claims system of the State of New Mexico's Department of Labor. For the past year and a half, even though she technically lived in Placitas, Ms. Banks traveled the country managing all of BDM's Y2K testing and validation teams. With up to 15 teams in the field at any one time, Ms. Banks oversaw Y2K conversions for such commercial customers as Sprint, Bell Atlantic, National Insurance, Delta Airlines, and Banc 1; public sector customers such as the Ohio Department of Human Services, Arkansas Department of Human Services, and Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles; and federal customers such as the Air Force Communications Agency, Department of the Army Information Systems Command, and the Air Force Operation Test and Evaluation Center. For the four years prior to her Y2K work, Ms. Banks supported BDM's Omnibus contract with the Joint Interoperability Test Command on site at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona. Ms. Banks received her B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from New Mexico State University in 1976 and has worked for BDM for twenty years. She is also a past Network State Board member and chaired the Albuquerque EYH in 1992