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Annual Meeting & Technical Symposium
Interest Survey


The NMNWSE Annual Meeting Planning Committee would like your help to improve our Annual Meetings. If you might attend this year's meeting, or you'd like to give input for future meetings (held each fall, usually in late October), please fill in the survey below.

Current year meeting details will be posted at as they become available.


*1)  This form is for: (name, plus email or other contact info)

*2)  How likely are you to attend this year's Annual Meeting?

  probably will attend
  50/50 chance
  probably will not attend

*3)  Are you an NMNWSE member?

  thinking about joining   (click for membership information)

*4)  Would you be willing to run for next year's NMNWSE board? (will be elected at the meeting)

  might be arm-twistable
  no, but might be willing next year

5)  Are you or your students interested in presenting a poster or talk at the Technical Symposium?

Likelyhood         Format         Presenter(s)
  50/50 chance
  probably not
  probably not, but maybe next year
          prefer Poster
  prefer Talk
  no preference
  your student(s)

6)  Which part(s) of the meeting are you likely to attend?
(check all that apply; use the comment box to suggest alternate events or formats)

  Friday Evening Reception
  Saturday Morning Business Meeting and Elections
  Saturday Afternoon Technical Talks
  Saturday Pre-Dinner Poster Session and Reception
  Saturday Evening Dinner (with presentation of IMPACT! Award, plus speaker or other entertainment after dinner)
  Sunday Board Meeting

7)  Check if you are:

  Interested in childcare
  Interested in accompanying persons program
  Interested in applying for a meeting scholarship for yourself or your student(s).
  Interested in nominating someone for the NMNWSE IMPACT! Award
  Interested in being contacted about helping with EYH conferences or other NMNWSE outreach

8)  Which is more important to you?

  nice venue, good food, good entertainment, own room, etc.
  keeping costs down
  nice venue etc vs. keeping costs down are equally important to me

9)  Other comments or suggestions?
(eg: a nice location you'd like us to consider, ways to improve the technical sessions, suggestions for after-dinner entertainment/speaker, suggestions for people to contact about making technical presentations, etc. General suggestions to help NMNWSE better serve your needs and interests are also appropriate.)


*Required Field

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