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NMNWSE Election 2018 Candidate Profiles

The NMNWSE Board's only position on the candidates is that we feel all the declared candidates are qualified, and we encourage all members to vote for the declared or write-in candidates of their choice.


Rebecca (Becca) Galves

Rebecca Galves is a motivated leader in outreach and broadening the participation of women and underrepresented minorities in computing, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). With degrees in Information Systems, Geography, and Business, Rebecca is responsible for extensive program development, management, and expansion of initiatives across New Mexico.

In her tenure at NMSU, Rebecca and her team of outstanding young women have provided out-of-school computing and STEM programming to over 14,000 K - 12 students throughout the state, such as the very successful Young Women in Computing (YWiC) summer camps.

Rebecca is also the state lead for the NM Girls Collaborative, and coordinates or is otherwise involved in several other initiatives to empower, celebrate, and acknowledge the work of professional and young women, following her passion to bring together and support women in their chosen fields, through collaboration, leveraging of resources, and community involvement.

Vice President / President-Elect

Nanette Founds


Jeanne Banks

Jeanne Banks has been a member of the New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering for over 30 years, having served as State President and Vice President, State EYH Coordinator and has chaired the Annual Meeting and Policies and Procedures Committees. She has supported the Central EYH in several capacities over the years, most recently as the Workshop Presenter Coordinator. She has served as Treasurer in other organizations for a total of 12 years. Her other involvement in support of women's education is the American Business Women's Association. She has been an ABWA member for almost 35 years and served as an officer at the local, regional and national levels.

Jeanne retired from Northrop Grumman after a 34+ year career as a program manager, system developer and test director. In addition to her organizational involvement, she now spends her time hiking with her husband, John, traveling, and spoiling her grandchildren.


Tinka Gammel

Tinka is a theoretical Condensed Matter Physicist doing Equation of State work at Los Alamos National Lab. She has served as NMNWSE Communications Chair and Board Member since about 2000. She moved the NMNWSE Careers book from hardcopy to the web, created the first "NMNWSE Careers CD" for the NMNWSE EYH conferences, and has overseen several revisions to the NMNWSE Careers Book and Careers CD, and served for 15 years as the NMNWSE webmaster - or more accurately, "web-amateur" ☺.

Yolanda Jones King

Dr. Yolanda King has 30 years experience as an USAF civilian in R&D management, primarily in directed energy and space technologies, with a background in Physics/Chemical laser kinetics. She was the first woman to chair the NATO panel on Sensors and Electronics Technologies. Yolanda's main interest in the Network is to encourage young girls to enter nontraditional careers.

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Please visit the board webpage for current Chapter Presidents, EYH Chairs, and Ad-hoc and Standing Committee Chairs, who are not elected by NMNWSE statewide Elections and are presumed to not be changing unless they have notified the board.

And a big THANKS! to all our current and past board members and EYH and committee chairs!