New Mexico Network for Women in Science and Engineering
PO Box 51926, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87181 USA
2015 NMNWSE ELECTIONS FOR Oct 2015 - Oct 2016 BOARD

 Click here for voting instructions and notes re alternate methods to vote, etc.
Online voting opens 8am MST Monday, 19 Oct 2015 and closes 8pm MST on Thursday, 22 Oct 2015. In person voting takes place Saturday, 24 Oct 2015, at the Annual Business Meeting in Truth or Consequences.

  Click here for the candidate profiles.

You can still vote in person at the annual meeting, or call in your vote to Tinka at 505-690-1318 by 9am Saturday.

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You may vote for a given person only once, and must select a choice for each declared candidate (including not voting for them). You may vote for only 1 person for each of President, Vice-President, and Secretary, and up to 5 people for At-Large. Write-in's, as well as volunteers to be "late additions to slate", are very welcome!

Board Positions
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*Rebecca Galves Southern      
*Sarah Vance Central      
*Barbara Torres Central      
*Rajaa Shindi Southern      
*Cheri Burch Central      
*Dana Roberson Central      
*Claudia Barreto Central      
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